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Hughes 300

Hughes 269 - přehled verzí

Hughes 269/300 - track version[/heading:aaaaaa]
Hughes 269 - a two-seater light helicopter, engine Lycoming O-360-A; 2 prototypes
Hughes 269A - the serial variant, the truss tail replaced by aluminum tube; 307 pcs
Hughes YHO-2 - 269A tested as the observation for the U.S. Army; 5 pcs
Hughes TH-55A - training the military variant of the 269A with dual control, military radio and other adjustments; 792 pcs
Hughes TH-55J - designation for the 38 269 assembled by Kawasaki for the japanese army
Hughes 200 / 269A-1 - a slightly modified variant of the 269A with a luxury or commercial interior; 41 pcs
Hughes 280U - multi-purpose variant with eletrickým trimováním, usually single, with the possibility to carry equipment for dusting
Hughes 300 / 269B - variant of the with the interior of the amended so as to pick up the bench for three persons, the possibility to use floats; 463 pcs model 300/280U/300AG total
Hughes 300AG - agricultural adjustment with the option to carry the tank with the spray on the sides of the fuselage
Hughes 300B - sometimes the designation used for a machine equipped with a set of QTR reducing the noise level of tail rotor
Hughes 300C / 269C - a bigger tank as standard, a rotor with a larger diameter, about half of the higher carrying capacity; 1165 pcs 300C/300CQ
Hughes 300CQ - also Sky Knight, "silent" adjustment for the police service with the speakers and other equipment

BredaNardi NH-300C - Italian licensed version of the 300C, the number of unknown

Schweizer 300C - the first licensed version of the 300C, since 1986, Schweizer vlastíkem rights to a number of 269/300; at least 700 pcs
Schweizer 300CB - trainer variant with two - or three-passenger interior; approx 300 pcs including 300CBi
Schweizer 300CBi - 300CB with the engine with direct fuel injection
Schweizer 330 / 269D - a variant with a thoroughly redesigned three-to four-digit hull and propulsion gas turbine engine Allison 250-C20W; approx 30 pcs 330/330SP
Schweizer 330SP - adjustment with higher rails and a better rotor
Schweizer 333 - new rotor of larger range; at least 70 pcs
Schweizer TH-300C - older training adjustment 300C for Turkey, Thailand and Pakistan

Sikorsky S-300C - designation for the Schweizer 300C after 2009 (Sikorsky in 2004 bought a Schweizer)
Sikorsky S-300CBi - designation for the Schweizer 300CBi after 2009
Sikorsky S-333 - designation for the Schweizer 333 after 2009
Sikorsky S-434 - S-333, using elements developed for the MQ-8 Fire Scout; only a small amount of

Ryan RQ-8A Fire Scout - unmanned helicopter derived from the S-330

AVIC AC310 - chinese copy the 300C

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