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Mannlicher Modell 1895

Infantry Repeating-Rifle M95

Infanterie Repetier-Gewehr M.95

Mannlicher Modell 1895
Originální název:
Original Name:
Infanterie Repetier-Gewehr M.95
opakovací puška
DD.MM.1896-DD.MM.1918 Oesterreichische Waffenfabriks-Gesellschaft, Steyr /
DD.MM.1897-DD.MM.1917 Fegyver- és Gépgyár, Csepel /
DD.MM.1918-DD.MM.1920 Zbrojovka Brno, Brno /
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Hmotnost nenabité zbraně:
Weight Unloaded:
3.78 kg
8 mm
8x50 R Mannlicher
1272 mm
Délka hlavně:
Barrel Length:
765 mm
Kapacita zásobníku:
Magazine Capacity:
Rychlost střelby:
Rate of Fire:
- ran/min
Úsťová rychlost:
Muzzle Velocity:
620 m/s
Uživatelské státy:
User States:

Karabiner M95a
Gewehr M95/30
Karabiner M95/30
Karabiner M95/24

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Mannlicher M 1895 rifle

Technical data

Krajina pôvodu: Rakúsko
Kaliber: 8x50 mm
Tray: integrated gas box.
Capacity: 5 nábojov.
The detection rate of the stack: ---
Type of weapons: opakovacia, with odsúvacím valcovým záverom.
Mode streľby: single shots.
Uzamknutie conclusion: uzamykacími ozubmi.
The total dĺžka: 1270 mm.
Dĺžka I: 765 mm.
Hmotnosť: 3,8 kg.
Mieridlá: sliding mieridlá.
Manuálna poistka: in its part of the conclusion.
Butt: with predpažbím, wood.
Dalšie information: In rakúsko-uhorskej the army replaced the rifle M-1886. In the year 1897 was introduced into the armament of the Bulgarian army. Slovak svetovej vojne bola used by the armed forces of the Rakúska and Hungary. To nábojovej clipboard sa vkladal pásik with nábojmi, ktorý after vystrelení previous náboja vypadol samovolne zo guns..
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Because Manlicherovka is a flint of our grandfathers, I would like to attach at least a cut with this beautiful flint.
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Repair ma ak sa'm wrong, but assuming my informácii used rifle Mannlicher M95 muníciu 8x50 R and muníciu 8x56 R was adjusted until it povojnová verzia M95/30....

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I'm sure you're right, the rifle was really designed to charge 8x50R and when in the twenties was adjusted to charge 8x56R and introduced in Austria (rifle, M95/30) these guns had stamped the letter With to them, it was possible to discern from the weapons on the original charge,the weapon had a shortened barrel so the overall length was only 1 meter. Similarly, on the new charge adjusted the weapons of the Hungarian army (after 1931), but you should raženo the letter H. In Yugoslavia was then used rifle marked "Puska 7,9 mm 95/24 for mauzerovský charge 7,92x57 (the same as used mauserovky delivered from the Zbrojovka Brno). The yugoslav weapons were modified tray for charging the belt instead of the original frame and had also shortened the barrel to 580 mm.

source :
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I managed to find out that the letter S embossed on the guns meant "Spitzgeschoss"so pointed a charge (the original charge had shot with kulovitě ended with a shot). I also found a picture where is a marking to see. The picture is even clear where the excavation is located.
Erroneous indication in the first post I fixed it

the image comes from the website :
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Own photo of the military history institute 30.9.12.
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Own photo of the military history institute 30.9.12.
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Dear colleagues,
I have a question for firing a rifle (štucu, carbines) M 95. As can be seen from higher up the included cut weapons, stack (magacínek) with charging hub in the frame (on the difference on the bc. from syst. Mauser M 98, where when pressing the casings into the tray these vysunuly from the tape, which is then thrown away or stashed for re-use). What happened after the launch of the fifth bullets? The frame fell out the bottom of the tank (or through a hole in it)? So it looks like the cut is above written. But: Then the rifle was for field service completely desperate, you can imagine shooting in a prone position (or in the trenches) in the fall, winter, spring? It would shooters still cleaned the cap and tray and to fight them no time Wink Mannlicherovka apparently used to be the lightest rifle of the war with great accuracy and effective range, but desperately sensitive to dirt. If she had down a hole, I'm not surprised. (It sounds a little perversně, but I hope it do not read to small children.) Or maybe it was otherwise, and in the cut is missing some part? And how then cleaned up the frame after vystřelění last bullet he took to the top?.
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The frame really comes out from the bottom, on the cut, nothing is missing..
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