Išikawadžima Cu-11

Ishikawajima Tsu-11
石川島 ツ11
Name:Name: Išikawadžima Cu-11 Ishikawajima Tsu-11
Original title:
Original Name:
石川島 ツ11
motokompresorový engine motorjet
石川島播磨重工業株式会社 Ishikawajima Harima Jūkōgyō Kabushiki-Kaisha, Tokyo
Period of production:
Production Period:
Made pieces:
Number of Produced:
a small amount of/ small numbers
a Prototype made:
Prototype Built:
Yokosuka P1Y1 15-Shi - only for tests
Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka 22
Yokosuka MXY9 Shuka
Technical data:
Technical Data:
200 kg 441 lb
Overall length:
Overall Length:
2202 mm 7 ft. to 2.68 in
Total width / Diameter:
Overall Width / Diameter:
640 mm 2 ft of 1.19 in
Fuel: Fuel: gasoline gasoline
Compressor: Compessor: Axial flow single stage stage Single-stage Axial compressor
Combustion chamber : Combustors: Ring the Annular combustion chamber
Turbine: Turbine: single-stage axial Single-stage axial turbine
Performance: Performance: 
Maximum thrust: Maximum thurst: of 1.7 kN at 9 000 rev/min 396 lbf at 9,000 rpm
For the drive of the compressor was used inline four-cylinder Hitači Ha-11-12 Hacukaze, this piston engine spinning at 9 000 rpm single stage aviální compressor. The channel for the compressor were injected fuel to the four burners, the resulting mixture of air and fuel after ignition of the rapidly expanded and expanding gases acting through the nozzle out of the engine to create forward thrust.
The diameter of the impeller of the compressor was 540 mm, height of the blades 96,5 mm
The Tsu-11 used a four-cylinder inverted inline Hitachi Hatsukaze Ha 11 piston engine's drive and single-stage compressor. And fuel injection system (four fuel burners) are located aft of the compressor to provide afterburning. Three TSU 11 engines were built.) was fitted behind the compressor. In operation, fuel would be mixed with the compressed air and the resulting mixture ignited, creating thrust. The compressor wheel is 21.3 inches in diameter with an effective blade height of 3.8 inches.
Robert C. Mikesh, Kikka, Monogram Aviation Publications, 1979, ISBN 0-914144-19-7.
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