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  • Suppression of extremism in Pakistan

    The issue of extremism in Pakistan is one of the most pressing problems today, especially due to the conflict in neighboring Afghanistan. According to the latest reports, Pakistan still plays a key role in Afghanistan and its actions against the radical Taliban movement are rather " naked ". The following study deals with the nature of the regime in Islamabad and its steps in the field of suppressing extremism.

  • The role of intelligence in counterinsurgency

    Effective, accurate and timely reporting is an essential and integral part of any form of warfare and the conduct of war. This principle also applies to counter-insurgency operations. Their historical overview reveals one essential constant of this type of warfare - ie, no counter-insurgency operation has been successful without the use of both proper collection and dissemination of timely and accurate intelligence. The demand for intelligence is crucial for both the insurgents and the actors trying to defeat them. Historical evidence suggests that the uprising is difficult to defeat, but it is not "impossible." Dexterously conducted counter-insurgency operations can be successful. The fact is that intelligence operations, despite the use of various modern means and capabilities to gather information and analyze it, are very difficult to carry out insurgency suppression operations.


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