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It's easy. Find the unit, if it has already been set up here, and add any data that pertains to it. We always start with a list of commanders, a brief history of the unit, a description of combat operations. To the composition in the given period (here I emphasize the period, the composition of the units changes over time, of course). And finally, any other information you have, photos, etc. When enough information is collected, an article will be created, which will be available directly to and everyone else.
If the unit was not created, create it using the "new topic" button, and put the name of the unit in the original language or in the Czech translation in the subject. Ranks are always listed !!! original !!!, not their Czech "equivalents".
If you have photos for which you are not sure whether you can use them, add a link to this source in the image comments.

Finally, for this whole thing to make sense, please use only trusted sources and do not write fictional or unconfirmed information here, do not estimate dates for which you are not sure. The goal of all this is to gather and gradually find the most relevant information and create a picture of the units of history and the present!
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