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Japan-Soviet/mongolian border clashes [1932-1939]

An undeclared border conflict fought between the Soviet Union and Japan in Northeast Asia from 1932 to 1939


Ivan Yevgrafovich Fyodorov

Biography of a Soviet fighter and test pilot, a veteran of several conflicts from the Spanish Civil War to the fighting in Korea, in which the reported total number of victories in some sources reaches 135. The fact attempts to reveal this article.

Japanese militarism in the first half of the 20th century

Reasons why the knightly samurai of the early 20th century became a murderous soldier of World War II? When and why did the principles of "Bushida" disappear from the actions of the Japanese army? How did Japanese militarism develop and change in the first half of the 20th century?

Sergeant Hiromichi Shinohara

A brief biography of the most successful fighter ace of the Japanese Air Force. He achieved his score of 58 air victories in the Nomonchan conflict.

Stalin's "Dexterous Biplanes" - I-15bis above Chalchyn Gol

In 2010, a Russian expedition searching the battlefield in the area of the Chalchyn River for the remains of Soviet soldiers found fragments of the wreck of a Polikarpov I-15bis fighter. The machine was identified as an aircraft serial number 3934. It belonged to the 4th Squadron of the 70th IAP and was shot down on June 22, 1939 as one of more than 60 machines of this type, written off by the Soviet Air Force during the known conflict. The found remains of the fallen pilot, k.-n. V.I. Jureckรฝ, were buried in Chojbalsan, Mongolia on August 2, 2010.





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Russia-Ukraine conflict

Russia-Ukraine conflict. Updated continuously.

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