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Jelení Hora

Jelenia Góra / Hirschberg

Jelení Hora
Originální název:
Original Name:
Jelenia Góra
Další názvy:
Other Names:
Hirschberg, Jelení Hora, Hiršperk, Hornšperk
Nižší územní celek:
Lower Administrative Area:
Dolnoslezské vojvodství
GPS souřadnice:
GPS Coordinates:
50°54'00.00"N 15°43'59.99"E
Místní části:
Local Municipalities:
První písemná zmínka:
First Written Reference:
Vojenské objekty:
Military Objects:
Historical Sights, Places of Interest:
- Steudner, Hans
* 19.01.1877 
Blume, Walter
* 10.01.1896 
Reitsch, Hanna
* 29.03.1912 
Hänert, Klaus
* 01.02.1918 
Dislokované jednotky:
Garrisoned Units:
Průmyslové podniky:
Coat of Arms:
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Basilica of st. Erasmus and st. Pankrác (Bazylika św. Erazma and św. Pankracego)

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Church of the Sacred Heart of the Lord Jesus in Sobieszowie (Kościół Najświętszego Serca Pana Jezusa w Sobieszowie)

Church of the Sacred Heart of Lord Jesus is located in the urban part of the city of Deer Mountain - in Sobieszowie ( 50°50'48"N 15°38'32"E). Initially it was a church protestant, even today performs the function of the church parafialního. It was built in the years 1744 to 1745. The ceiling is painted people-řemeslnicky, with religious themes. The equipment of the church is the baroque main altar, ambona, the baptismal font, the wooden statues and an organ.

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the Church of st. Martin in the Sobieszowie (Kościół św. Marcin w Sobieszowie)

The church of st. Martin is located in the urban part of the city of Deer Mountain - in Sobieszowie (50°50'43"N 15°38'22"E). The catholic church, which is located on the plateau slope of the stream Wrzosówka, above the centre of the village. It is brick, the roof is a mansard, it does not have a tower. Originated probably sometimes around the year 1305, originally was dedicated to st. Barbara. In 1520 was taken by the protestants, who rebuilt it in the renaissance style. In 1654, during the counter-reformation returned the catholics, you gave the church a new patronocium st. Martin. In the years 1778 to 1782, the church was, at the instigation of count Johann Nepomuk Schaffgotsche, rebuilt cisterciáky baroque style. From this period have survived part of the equipment, e.g. the wooden baptismal font and a pulpit. Stained glass windows are from the year 1921. The church is surrounded by a wall, inside which used to be a cemetery and next to the located free-standing bell tower, which was built probably at the end of the 16. century. The bell tower was completely rebuilt in the years 1647 to 1653. In 1728 received a new clock, made by master builder George Klosem. The bell in the tower is bronzovy and on its production it was used the old cannon from the castle of chojnik castle.

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city Hall

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City walls

To this day, has preserved part of the city fortifications, the Deer of the Mountain. This is an some towers, gates, and sections of the walls.

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