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  • Rinella battery

    Malta, which, together with Gibraltar, guarded an important sea route from India for the British, was one of the most strategic points in the Mediterranean. Therefore, it was armed with the largest cannon " hundred-ton Armstrong ".

  • Batu Maung, December 1941 in Malaysia and Southeast Asia

    The artillery fortress of Batu Maung was built by the British in the jungle on the hill of the same name. It has never been used in combat, as have many similar fortresses around the world. In addition to the " taxpayers ' money, there were also the lives of ordinary people who died during the construction and unnecessarily. The Japanese occupied Malaysia in two months by attacking Thailand and not, as British planners had predicted, by attacking from the sea.

  • Brigadier general Rudolf Holeka

    Curriculum vitae of the first brigadier general of the Czechoslovak Air Force.

  • Czechoslovak Engineering Regiment, the so-called Kornilov Battalion

    Not much is known about the regiment, which was founded on the Don in 1918, it is mostly confused with the Kornilov Strike Regiment, with which it had nothing to do. What they have in common is that they fought side by side against the Bolsheviks. Here is the story of its origin, struggle and way home from the Russian Civil War.

  • Cavalry General František Jindřich, Count Šlik of Holič and Pasoun

    This descendant of the ancient count's family took part in 33 combat clashes and battles with the enemy during his 50-year military career. Here is his brief biography.

  • Major General Emil Milan Uzelac

    During his life, he became the founder of three air forces, three different independent states.
    He became a pilot and commander of the Austro-Hungarian Air Force, the Royal Yugoslav Air Force and the Air Force of the Independent State of Croatia. He was not destroyed by the enemies of Austria-Hungary, fascists or communists.

  • Major General Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck

    The following article will take you to exotic Africa during World War I. To the area of German East Africa, where the guerrilla war raged since the second half of the world conflict, led by the then Colonel of the German Imperial Army Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck.

  • The most successful Austro-Hungarian naval pilot in the First World War - nicknamed the "Eagle of Trieste"

  • Grosskampfflugboot G

    Monograph of an interesting prototype of a large-capacity flying boat from Austria-Hungary.

  • Jindřich Kostrba

    Curriculum vitae of a prominent personality involved in the establishment of the Czechoslovak Air Force.

  • Pilot K. and K. Luftfahrtruppe with 3 victories

  • K. u. K Seeflugwesen / K. u. K. Seefliegerkorps

    The official establishment of the Austro-Hungarian Naval Air Force dates back to August 1916, when a separate K. u. K Seeflugwesen was established. Later in 1917, this unit was renamed the K. u. K. Seefliegerkorps. But as early as 1911, the Navy had its first two naval pilots, one of whom was a Czech naval officer.

  • Kaiserlich und Königlich Luftfahrtruppen

    Brief history of the Kaiserlich und Königlich Luftfahrtruppen (Austro-Hungarian Air Force), its organization and structure during the First World War.

  • Pilotof K. und K. Luftfahrtruppe, pilot of the Czechoslovak Legion in Russia and officer of the Czechoslovak Air Force

  • 249
  • Later Captain of the Czechoslovak Air Force

  • Armored cruiser Georgios Averof

    At the beginning of the 20th century, Greece decided to build a modern naval fleet and the flagship of the Greek fleet of appropriate size - the armored cruiser Georgios Averof.
    Today, the armored cruiser Georgios Averof is still in active service and carries the flag of the flagship of the Greek Navy. Here is his combat history.

  • Colonel of the General Staff Vlastimil Fiala

    Pilot K. at K. Luftfahrtruppe with 1 victory, pilot of the Czechoslovak Legion in Russia and an officer of the Czechoslovak Air Force, commander of the 3rd Air Regiment.

  • Cavalry Colonel Miroslav Broz

    Biography of the cavalry colonel Miroslav Brož, the Russian legionnaire "Starodružiník" and the first republican cavalry officer, the last commander of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment "Siberian".

  • Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Bohumil Záleský

    The man who last commanded the so-called "Kornilov Battalion" , otherwise the Czechoslovak Engineering Regiment, which was established in January 1918 on the Don in General Kornilov's Voluntary Army. A man who personally took part in 59 battles with the Bolsheviks.

  • Greek Presidential Guard - Proedriki Froura

    The Presidential Guard of the Greek Ground Forces is a ceremonial unit nicknamed or called the Evzones. This name was borne by the historical military units of the first independent Greece in the 19th century.

  • SS Thistlegorm - still full of combat equipment

    SS Thistlegorm was sunken by German bombers from KG 26. Thistlegorm is one of the most famous wrecks in the world. It is still loaded with military equipment of all kinds, destined for North Africa, for General Wavell's Crusader operation.

  • Cavalry Staff Captain Antonín Brož

  • The Great War over the Adriatic

    Combat deployment - K. u. K Seeflugwesen / K. u. K. Seefliegerkorps during the Great War. How did the naval pilots of the Austro-Hungarian Navy fare on flying boats against the predominance of the Triad and their allies?

  • Zugsführer Rudolf Šimáček

    Pilot K. at K. Luftfahrtruppe and the Czechoslovak Air Force


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