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Henry Alfred Kissinger

A brief biography of one of the most important creators of American foreign policy of modern times and his relation to nuclear armaments.

Matej KocΓ‘k

(1882 - 1918)
U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant, holder of army and navy Medal of Honor and Heart and Purple heart from the First World War.

Thundebolt Pilo Col. Neel Kearby

American pilots of the 5th Air Force USAAF, fighting during World War II against the Japanese air force over large areas of the Pacific, recorded a total of 511 kills on Republic P-47D Thunderbolt planes. The 348th Fighter Group achieved its greatest success, with its pilots reporting 326 kills on Thunderbolts. The group grew a total of 20 aces, including the most successful pilot of the Republic P-47D Pacific battlefield Lt.Col. Neel Kearby. This man shot down 22 enemies on a massive fighter and finally went to the fighter heaven in her cabin.