KP-340 (poľná kuchyňa)

KP-340 - field kitchen (kuchnia polowa) on a single-axle trailer, designed for the preparation of food in field conditions for about 160 people. A fireplace equipped with a grate allows the use of solid fuel (usually wood) or, if burners are used, liquid fuel (diesel). The stove can be used directly on the trailer, but also folded on supports.

Základné TTD:
Weight: 890 kg
- of which chassis: 390 kg
- Kitchen: 500 kg
Max. 1310 kg
Number of boilers: 5 pcs (1 x 110 l, 1 x 80 l, 1 x 50 l (all with oil jacket), 1 x 50 l, 1 x 20 l (without jacket))
Fuel consumption:
- Diesel: 2.5 kg/hr (3 l/hr*)
- wood: 35 kg/hr (21 kg/hr*)
Number of fires: 2
Dimensions in marching position (l x w x h): 2280 x 1830 x 2085 mm
Height with chimney: 2675 mm
Working surface height: 1100 mm
Height to top of boilers: 1360 mm
Dimensions of the kitchen itself (l x w x h): 1585 x 1760 x 1085 mm (kitchen placed on supports)
Clear height: 380 mm
Tyres: 6.50-16" PLY
Max. 60 km/h

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KP-340 (poľná kuchyňa) -
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