Kde bojoval Infanterieregiment 54


Is there any trace where he fought 54 infantry regiment R.In. army in the period from August 1914 until the end of the year 1916?
In the framework of this regiment was deployed one of my relatives, who later from captivity joined the legions.
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Traced it da of standard accessible sources just very complicated.

54. pechotni regiment was podrizen 5. pechotni division, that fell under the 1. Armada. Sure is, from your the front of my got on halicskou front. In the years 1914-1915 1. Armada operated roughly in the space of the Katowice - Krakow - Czenstochowa - Kielce. Vic I want to trace couldn't, but try with these facts to work gave, maybe you'll have luck..
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Relatively accurate mapping of the movement of the regiment after the battlefields it can be done using the database of the legionnaires, which is on the website of the Military historical archive in Prague. I'm so traced the path 3. infantry regiment. It is necessary to get the names of the legionaries of příslušnoho district, in this case from Olomouc and the surrounding districts. The list is meant to study and copy on the studyroom VHA in Prague at the Invalides. Should be in the relevant county archive. In the database, then according to the names find the legionářek, who enlisted and at the time of the captivity, served in IR 54. In the box the place and date of capture is indicated the place where they were captured. He wants to pass a larger quantity of names, of the order of several tens. The problem is that in some cases are even given the names of villages that don't tell anybody anything. In addition, they are from the documents of the legionaries rewritten inaccurately, transferred to the Czech equivalents. For example, in the case of capture by the village Elected not Elected in Slovakia, but the village Zwoleň in Radom in Poland today. I wish a lot of patience and successes in the quest..
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(L) IR 54
Before the PSF was a line infantry regiment Froon # 54 in kramářských songs referred to as "Fron". According to the recharge district in the olomouc region since the year 1830 were his members later referred to as the "Hanáci".

The inscription "Keep Hanácí!" (coming from the Italian battlefield in the year 1848) was embroidered on the praporové ribbon in 1883. This sign inspired the creator of the csl. legions for And. world war, where 6. regiment of the Russian legion got the name of the Region. Subsequently it was transferred even to the csl. the army, to which this regiment belonged. In 1920, it was in the context of the merging of foreign (former legionářských) and domestic (the former austro-Hungarian) units associated with the infantry regiment no. 54, the new formation but received the "foreign players" number 6.

Krnov (Jägerndorf) - Silesia
1911-1914 IR.54

Olomouc (Olmütz) – Moravia
1913-1914 IR.54, DR.12, FKR.2, AZDp, GSp.6

9. Infanteriebrigade Olmütz (5. ID)
Kmdt: Gustav Smekal, GM;
zugeteilt: Eugene Spiess, Oblt.
IR 54 (1., 2., 3., 4., Baon), IR 93 (2., 3., 4. Baon), SanAbt. 6

Victor Ritter von Neuwirth: Geschichte des k. in. to. Infantry-Regimentes Alt-Starhemberg Nr. 54, p. 295, 318, Olmütz 1894
J. Sickly: Čs. army after battles with the Hungarian bolsheviks to surrender the leadership of the army of the czechoslovak. the officers in 1926. In: Twenty years of czechoslovak army in the liberated state, p. 136, Prague 1938
Vlastimil Vávra: the Emergence of a unified army. In: Military history of Czechoslovakia, III. part, p. 105, Prague 1987
Otto Bošek: Narrative of the old military hudbách, mainly in prague (with the appendix of bagpipers píseckého regiment), p. 63, Prague 1997

Lubomir Uhlir, Karel Bag: the Unofficial and inaccurate labelling of a part of the austrian army, on the www.primaplana.net


www.oesterreichische-militaermusik.com (his)
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egalisierung (uniform accessories)
http://www.sammlerecke.at/kap/kapgruppe2.html (uniform accessories).
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Well, I've got the source, generally accessible, from which it can be vybádat the parent unit and then can be subsequently traced to the next:


54. the regiment can be found here:

the relevant brigade:


etc., etc...

it's just the need to check, because I found one typo (which is obvious when the volume of data)

Perhaps this link will help a little Wink.
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