Bronzová záslužná medaile 1814/15

Kriegs-Denkmünze 1814/15
Bronze medal of merit 1814-1815
Kriegs-Denkmünze 1814-1815

In 1815, Prince Günther Frederick Charles I instituted a commemorative medal for members of the Schwarzburg Battalion as a thank you for their service in difficult times. The medal is made of bronze with a diameter of 32 mm.

Description of the medal:

In the centre of the medal, in a wreath of laurel and palm leaves, is the interconnected cipher: G. F. C. surmounted by a princely crown.

In the central area of the medal is an inscription spread over seven lines:

IM / DEUTSCHEN / FREIHEITS / KAMPFE / 1814 / UND 1815 (In the German struggle for freedom from 1814-1815)

Another inscription is around:


This inscription is divided at the bottom by a small five-leaved rose.

The prescribed width of the ribbon is 36 mm. The ribbon itself is white with two 4 mm wide blue stripes.

The image of the medal is taken from the sales and offer catalogue (available for purchase).

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