DEU - Hodnosti - Námořnictvo [1935-1945]

Kriegsmarine Ranks
Kriegsmarine Dienstgrade
the Rank of the German navy - the Kriegsmarine (1935-1945)

English translation:
English Translation:
English translation:
English Translation:
Original title:
Original Transcription:
Hodnnostní designation:
Rank Insignia:
Großadmiral Velkoadmirál Grand Admiral Großadmiral -link- -link-
Generaladmiral Generáladmirál General Admiral Generaladmiral -link- -link-
Admiral Admiral Admiral Admiral -link- -link-
Vizeadmiral vice admiral Vice Admiral Vizeadmiral -link- -link-
Konteradmiral Rear admiral Rear Admiral Konteradmiral -link- -link-
Kommodore Commodore Commodore Kommodore -link- -link-
Kapitän zur See Sea captain Captain of the Sea Kapitän zur See -link- -link-
Fregattenkapitän Commander Frigate Captain Fregattenkapitän -link- -link-
Korvettenkapitän lieutenant commander Corvette Captain Korvettenkapitän -link- -link-
Kapitänleutnant Kapitánporučík Captain Lieutenant Kapitänleutnant -link- -link-
Oberleutnant zur See Navy commander Senior Lieutenant of the Sea Oberleutnant zur See -link- -link-
Leutnant zur See Marine lieutenant Lieutenant of the Sea Leutnant zur See -link- -link-
Oberfähnrich zur See Naval chief Senior Ensign Oberfähnrich zur See -link- -link-
Fähnrich zur See Naval ensign Ensign Fähnrich zur See -link- -link-
Seekadett midshipman Sea Cadet Seekadett -link- -link-
Stabsoberfeldwebel Staff master sergeant Staff Senior Sergeant Stabsoberfeldwebel -link- -link-
Oberfeldwebel master sergeant Senior Sergeant Oberfeldwebel -link- -link-
Stabsfeldwebel sergeant major Staff Sergeant Stabsfeldwebel -link- -link-
Feldwebel Warrant officer Sergeant Feldwebel -link- -link-
Obermaat Main sailor Chief Petty Officer Obermaat -link- -link-
Maat Top sailor Petty Officer Maat -link- -link-
Oberstabsgefreiter Upper staff private first class Senior Staff Lance-Corporal Oberstabsgefreiter -link- -link-
Stabsgefreiter Staff corporal Staff Lance-Corporal Stabsgefreiter -link- -link-
Hauptgefreiter the Main pfc Master Lance-Lance-Corporal Hauptgefreiter -link- -link-
Obergefreiter High pfc Senior Lance-Corporal Obergefreiter -link- -link-
Gefreiter lance Corporal Lance-Corporal Gefreiter -link- -link-
Matrose Sailor Seaman- Matrose -link- -link-

the Theme is (perhaps) dopracováno Smile

Sources :
Appendix H - German Navy ranks and their WOUNDS equivalents
RoBoT ; Tars
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Rank variants (functions):

- Marine staff

- Marine staff

Oberleutnant zur See
- Marine physiotherapist

Lieutenant zur See
- Marine specialist

- Stabsoberfunkmeister
- Stabsobersteuermann
- Stabsoberbootsmann

- Oberbootsmann
- Obersteuermann
- Obermaschinist
- Oberfunkmeister

- Stabsbootsmann
- Stabsmaschinist
- Stabsfeuerwerker

- Bootsmann
- Mechaniker (T)
- Fireworks
- Fliegerfeldwebel
- Funkmeister

- Oberbootsmannmaat
- Obersteuermannsmaat
- Obermaschinistmaat
- Obermechanikermaat (T)
- Signal data
- Oberfunkmaat

- Bootsmannmaat
- Tax control
- Funkmaat
- Machinery
- Mechanikermaat (T)
- Ambulance
- Administrative unit

- Matrosenstabsobergefreiter

- Envoy manager

- Machinisthauptgefreiter
- Radio operator
- Mechanic head operator
- MatrosenHauptgefreiter

- Machinistobergefreiter
- Radio operator
- Mechanical engineer

- Matrosengrere
- Machinist
- Mechanic breaker
- Radio operator

- Funker
- Mechaniker
- Maschinist

Data in italics are uncertain.
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