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  • 10TP

    In 1935, under the leadership of Major R. Gundlach, work began on the construction of a tank that, in addition to tracks, would also be able to ride on wheels. The concept was based on the American Christie tank. In contrast to it, however, the Polish construction was more elaborate.

  • KV-7 (U-13)

    Project of a self-propelled gun on the chassis of a heavy tank type KV-1.

  • LVT-4 Water Buffalo

    They were used in combat for the first time on Saipan, then on Guam and Tinian in the summer of 1944. In Britain, a flamethrower version of the LVT-4 (F) Sea Serpent was developed on the basis of the LVT-4. After the war, the LVT-4 was also in the arsenal of the French Armed Forces, which deployed them in combat operations in Indochina (Vietnam) and during the Suez Crisis.

  • SU-14, SU-14-1

    The development of heavy self-propelled guns in the Soviet Union began in 9/1931. A program of "self-propelled three-purpose system at the corps level" was developed. It was supposed to be the use of one platform with three artillery systems. Two concepts have emerged. The first was the SU-7, which was to use artillery armament 152 mm cannon, 203 mm howitzer and 305 mm mortar.



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