Ladungsleger I

Ladungsleger I

On May 9, 1940, a WaPrüf 5 charge carrier/loader on a light tank platform was ordered by the Waggon fabrik Talbot department Aachen from [url=http://forum]]Pz.Kpfw.I. The machine carried a 75 kg load on an extension carrier arm. The arm was 2 m long when folded, 2.75 m when extended. The prototype was subsequently tested WaPrüf 5 and sent for trials in combat units. One unit was sent to Pioneer Battalion 39 of the 3rd Panzer Division and one to 7th Panzer Division and one to Pioneer Battalion 58 of the [url=/topic/view/3805/007-tankova-divize]7th Panzer Division. Serial production was not approved, the charge carrier project was further developed in the Pressluftrohrladungswerfer - Ladungsleger 41 project.

* Note :

The designation Ladungsleger I is still used incorrectly to refer to another type of equipment, namely PzKpfw.I (M.G.) mit Abwurfvorrichtung..[/i

*source :

Thomas L. Jentz, Hillary Louis Doyle - Gepanzerte Pionier-Fahrzeuge (Armored Combat Engineer Vehicles) Goliath to Raeumer S, Panzer Tracts no.14, 1998, ISBN 1-892848-00-7
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