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2011 / 12

Letectví a kosmonautika

AVIATION AND aerospace
87, 2011, no. 12

Content numbers:

Sousek, Thomas: TF Hippo returns home (4)
Inform (5-12)
Stejskal, Robert: Čáslavský Mini Tiger Meet (13)
Procházka, Zdeněk: Sturmovik again, the flies (14-17)
Balous, Miroslav: What's new - CSIR/Mahindra NM5-100 (18)
Balous, Miroslav: From the archives - Douglas XB-43 (18)
Peed my pants, Milan: Dreamliner on scheduled flights (19)
Knap, Paul: Indonesia in the universe (20-22)
Peed my pants, Milan: An-148 for the first time in Prague (23)
Spacek, Jaroslav: Exercise Domestic CAS 2011 (24-25)
Sousek, Thomas: Breitling Angels (26-27)
Sviták Pavel: From Melnik to Prague with passengers (28-29)
Sousek, Thomas: Rafaly over Libya (30-33)
Odehnal, Zdenek: Spirit even more powerful, yet quieter (34-36)
Pribyl, Tomas: Explorer of distant worlds (38-39)
Stolar, Michael J. – Golz, Alexander Büttner, Stefan: 50 years Lufttransportgeschwader 63 (40-44)
Pribyl, Thomas: Sea Launch rises from the dead (45)
Balous, Miroslav: Aircraft 14-18 - Adamoli-Cattani (46-47)
Odehnal, Zdenek: a Silent eye in the sky (48-49)
Čadil, Jan: Changes on the horizon - a Fleet of aircraft to the civil aviation Authority (50-53)
Pribyl, Tomas: From the garage to the Moon - the Google Lunar X-Prize (54-55)
Keijsper, Gerard: the F-35B on board - the Initial tests on the dropship (56-60)
Pribyl, Thomas: swimming Pool with space station – visiting The Sonny Carter Training Facility (61)
Odehnal, Zdenek: Further refinement of breeding - Falcon 2000S (62-63)
Fojtík, Jakub: Unobtrusive Ka-226 - non-traditional helicopter newly (64-67)
Balous, Miroslav: Aircraft 39-45 - Tachikawa Ki-94 II (68-69)
Sousek, Thomas: the Single european sky (70-73)
Sousek, Thomas: OVL MO celebrated 10 years (74-75)
Máče, Jan: Last Noratlas (76-77)
Krška, Charles: Anniversary of aeronautical meteorology (78-79)
Peed my pants, Milan: the Current jubilee Aerofl ota in Prague (80-82)
Balous, Miroslav: you Asked - the Australian Glostery Gladiator (83)
Pribyl, Tomas: Astronautics in the shadow of the cactus – a Story of the Pima Air & Space Museum in Arizona (84-85)
Body drained, and defunct (October 2011) (85)
Balous, Miroslav: a Memoir – Lockheed T2V-1/T-1A SeaStar, 2. part (86-91)
Class content (92-95)
Reviews (98).
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