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2015 / 10

Letectví a kosmonautika

AVIATION AND aerospace
91, 2015, no 10

Content numbers:

Also, James: New spells and supplies. Military division of Aero Vodochody Aerospace (4-9)
Inform (10-14)
Sousek, Thomas: Ample Strike 2015 (16-17)
Peed my pants, Milan: ATR: the Current best-selling regional weight forces (18-21)
Čadil, Jan: Turbine again over Bohemia (22-23)
Sousek, Thomas: F-22 Raptor finally deployed (24-28)
Pribyl, Tomas: On a beam of the universe (29)
Balous, Miroslav: Aircraft 39-45: Interstate TDR-1 (30-31)
Also, James: the Papers by Russian helicopters (32-35)
Sousek, Thomas: Veterans from breitling's: In full force in 2015 (36-37)
Stolar, Michael J.: Training squadron: the School of martial pilotov (38-42)
Balous, Miroslav: What's new: Antonov An-178 (43)
Balous, Miroslav: From the archives: Beagle (Miles) B.218 the Martlet (43)
Máče, Jan; Ondráček, Zdeněk: Czechoslovak Spitfire: Again over the Great Britain (44-47)
Pribyl, Tomas: the Thorny path of scientists into space. A half-century ago between NASA astronauts have included scientists (48-51)
(lek): a Body drained and extinct: August 2015 (51)
Stolar, Martin; Stolar, Michael J.: Bezposádkové combat air systems USA (52-57)
Balous, Miroslav: Aircraft 14-18: Friedrichshafen FF.43 (58-59)
Fojtík, Jakub: UH-60 Black Hawk: After forty years still on top (60-65)
Sousek, Thomas: Gripeny for the second time in Iceland (66-69)
Golz, Alexander; Stolar, Michael J.: Sikorsky S-58 prekvapil in the Budišíne (70-71)
Sousek, Thomas: Scorpion heads high (72-75)
Knap, Paul: the Alternation of generations of american launchers (76-80)
Balous, Miroslav: you Asked: Heinkel He-70 at the company Rolls-Royce (81)
Balous, Miroslav: Bell Model 200 XV-3 (part-II) (82-87)
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