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2016 / 01

Letectví a kosmonautika

AVIATION AND aerospace
92, 2016, no 1

Content numbers:

Peed my pants, Milan: the First Boeing 737 MAX vyroloval (4)
Inform (5-14)
Sousek, Thomas: the Western coalition against the Islamic state (16-2
Pribyl, Tomas: Blue Origin on the way to the universe (22-23)
Peed my pants, Milan: Regional Mitsubishi – another late (24-26)
Balous, Miroslav: What's new: the Airbus Group Perlan 2 (27)
Balous, Miroslav: From the archives: Kaman K-16B (27)
Balous, Miroslav: Aircraft 14-18: Robey-Peters R.R.F.25 (28-29)
Sousek, Thomas: Bell 412 the Police of the CZECH republic (30-34)
Peed my pants, Milan: A320neo certified (35)
Pribyl, Tomas: Zenit in his prime (36-37)
Golz, Alexander; Stolar, Michael J.: Don't cry for me Argentína: Lietadlá Mirage ended up (38-41)
Sousek, Thomas: the Test of the Falcon 900EX in Brno (42-43)
Sousek, Thomas: the KC-46A Pegasus: Finally, in the flight trials (44-47)
Máče, Jan: the Return of the "Red seven"(48-49)
Degraef, Stefan; Borremans, Erwin: the Hungarian Gripeny: for the First time on the Baltic (50-53)
Gyürösi, Miroslav: the New PD-14 from Russia (54-56)
Balous, Miroslav: SAAB 108 of the Transporter (MULAS) (57)
Fojtík, Jakub: CH-53: a New life of the popular stallion (58-61)
Peed my pants, Milan: An-132 presents (64-65)
Lála, Petr: the Work of the united nations: For research and peaceful uses of outer space (66-70)
(lek): a Body drained and extinct: November 2015 (70)
Kučírek, Jiří : the Czech UAV surprise Primoco (71)
Balous, Miroslav: Aircraft 39-45: The Umbra T. 18 (72-73)
Stolar, Michael J.; Golz, Alexander: In the Slovak line: Ukrainian bitevné Su-25 (74-79)
Pribyl, Thomas: Uranium Exploration yesterday and tomorrow: thirty years ago we first investigated the Uranium. When this happens the second time? (80-81)
Balous, Miroslav: Short With.29 Stirling (1. part) (82-87)
Reviews (90).
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