M167 VADS (20mm protiletadlový kanón)

M167 VADS (20 mm anti-aircraft gun)
Gun, Air Defense Artillery, Towed, 20-mm, M167
Country of origin: USA
Caliber: 20mm
Combat weight: 1,569 kg
Barrel length: 1,524 m
Elevation range: -5 ° to + 80 °
Measurement: 360 °
Missile type: shatterproof/incendiary
Bullet weight: 103 g
Initial speed: 1,030 m/s
Effective access: 1,200 m

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M 167A1 Vulcan Air Defence System /VADS/

After the termination of the military Vigilante project, the company offered the VVADS. General Electric stopped the Vigilante operation and offered a solution based on the M61A1 Vulcan cannon. The cannon was modified to the M 168 version by reducing the cadence to 3000 rounds/min for firing at air targets, 1000 rounds/min at ground targets and deliberately increasing the dispersion pattern by modifying the barrel guidance. Unlike the self-propelled M163 version, the M167 has the gun fed by a single belt with disintegrating cells, the cartridges and cells being ejected in front of the gun.The magazine holds a full 500 rounds of ammunition. The life of the cannon is 72,000 rounds.
The electric drives with a maximum speed of 75°/s in azimuth and 60°/s in elevation are powered by batteries recharged as required by the central /APU/ in the accessory.
The fire control system, in production since 1967, includes an M61 gyro sight (derived from the M20), an analogue computer and an AN/VPS 2 monopulse Doppler radar. The radar only measures the range of moving targets in the range 200 to 5000 m.
A conventional telescopic sight is available for firing at ground targets, or even a night vision sight.

The cannon can use all types of 20x102 ammunition, but the firing tables in the computer are only for M246 ammunition, which was developed specifically for this weapon. The use of M50 series ammunition designed for aerial use brings a reduction in effective range.

Due to its light weight and autonomy, the system is also used, like the ZU-23-2, on footholds where it is transported by towing behind cars of appropriate carrying capacity, by air or in a suspension under a helicopter.

G.M.Chinn, The Machine Gun, Volume 5
FM 44-62 Air Defense Artillery Automatic Weapon Gunnery, 1969
TM 43-0001-27 (1994), Small caliber arm ammunition.
photo - militaryphoto.net and own archive
M167 VADS (20mm protiletadlový kanón) -

M167 VADS (20mm protiletadlový kanón) - Foto ovládacího panelu verze M167A1 řekne o vlastnostech SŘP více jak článek v časopise.

Foto ovládacího panelu verze M167A1 řekne o vlastnostech SŘP více jak článek v časopise.
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M167A2 PIVADS /Product Improved VADS/

In 1984 another Army DIVAD program, the M247 Sgt. York, which was to replace the Vulcan-based pl.systems, ended unsuccessfully, so General Electric offered upgrades including servo drives with harmonic gears and dynamic azimuth gear backlash compensation, a new sight with stabilized aiming mark, and a digital computer with built-in diagnostics. The computer can switch between two ballistics - for M 246 and M 940 ammunition, which resulted in an extension of the effective range.
At first glance, the M167A2 version is distinguishable by its dual wheel mounting, but only a glance at the operator's panel is a reliable differentiator.

Effective range is a very popular and much abused propaganda figure that cannot be defined or even measured as clearly as, for example, area under threat, marching weight or barrel length. I have yet to come across a complete definition of the conditions under which the figure applies, for pl. shooting is : speed, altitude, course parameter and target maneuver, target area, meteorological conditions, required probability of hit, ammunition used and number of rounds in the burst. As we simulated the hit probabilities of competing systems, including PIVADS, while working on the ZU-23 Vlara system, we found that the "effective range" values, even in the manuals, are heavily skewed in favour of larger calibre weapons, leading to unrealistic expectations when developing new barrel systems of 30mm calibre and above. A more detailed analysis reveals that "effective range" is more influenced by the accuracy of determining the angular coordinates of the target and improving the ballistic properties of the projectiles than by increasing the calibre.
A more apt designation would therefore be 'recommended maximum firing range' rather than 'effective range' or 'range'.

The U.S. Army began replacing the M163/M167 with the AVENGER system (with Stinger missiles) in 1994, while other users/Israel, South Korea/ have upgraded their systems by adding an optoelectronic tracker, laser rangefinder, and more powerful computer, or by adding Stinger missiles. The system has additional reserves in the use of sub-calibre munitions for the Vulcan /Phalanx system - Mk.149, Mk. 244 and other newly developed types.
A data receiver from superior air defence command systems will also provide greater effectiveness in firing at flying targets, alerting and approximately guiding the operator to the target well before it reaches a range suitable for firing.

G.M.Chinn, The Machine Gun, Volume 5
MIL-HDBK-799(AR) Fire control systems, 1996
TM 43-0001-27 (1994), Small caliber arm ammunition.
Photo - http://kr.blog.yahoo.com/ and own archive
M167 VADS (20mm protiletadlový kanón) - Panel M167A - čtyřmístný LED displej na subpanelu Balistiky a diagnostiky je částečně zakryt levou rukojetí.

Panel M167A - čtyřmístný LED displej na subpanelu Balistiky a diagnostiky je částečně zakryt levou rukojetí.
M167 VADS (20mm protiletadlový kanón) -

M167 VADS (20mm protiletadlový kanón) -

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The probability of hitting a flying target several times increases the optoelectronic "tracker", which can determine the angular coordinates of the target with a measurement uncertainty of about 0.3 mrad.

The figure is the additional installation to the south Korean system VADS.

Sources :
own archives, http://kr.blog.yahoo.com/.
M167 VADS (20mm protiletadlový kanón) -

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American ammunition M940 is an interesting use of pytotechnického the method of initiation of explosives and the solution to the self-destruct of the projectile. The design allows the production on a fully automated line.

Benefit against older ammo M246 is obvious from the graphs, while the dimensions and weight of the range in values expected for this caliber with HEI projectile, i.e. the
the weight of the projectile - 101-105 g
the weight of the dust - 32-36 g
the weight of the explosives - 8-9 g
the length of the casing - 102 mm

Source :
The trade fair prospectus, own archives.
M167 VADS (20mm protiletadlový kanón) -

M167 VADS (20mm protiletadlový kanón) -

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Extension M167

Belgium: 36
Botswana: 7
Burkina-Faso, formerly Upper Volta: 7
Egypt: 72
Ecuador: 10
Honduras: 30
Chile: 34
Israel: 850 together with TCM20 (Calculation: max. 131 piece, rather 35)
Japan: - (Own production. COLONEL bear: JM167A1 (VADS-1), JM167A2 (VADS-1kai) and VADS-2. The numbers of pieces produced undetected.)
Yemen: 52
South Korea: 60 (Own production. COL most commonly referred to as: KM167A1 and KM167A3.)
Jordan: 100
Kenya: 12
Morocco: 40
Singapore: 24
Somalia: 12
United states: 626
Sudan: 34
Thailand: 24
Uruguay: 6 (Delivery from South Korea)

The Military Balance - the yearbook available on the internet..
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Dear colleague "velvet",
in the description of the photo: vads.jpg, you have the wrong figure. The picture doesn't show the south Korean licensed product: KM167A1, but the japanese modernization: VADS-1kai (VADS1改), which was in 1994, introduced into the armament JASDF under the designation: JM167A2.

I assume the picture was taken during an exhibition in 2009 at the air base Ašija (Ashiya).

URL : https://www.valka.cz/M167-VADS-20mm-protiletadlovy-kanon-t8663#369981 Version : 0
Thank you for the warning and sorry for the mystification of the readers and the japanese army.

The essence of the communication but it was, that someone stood for the modernization of the legacy system VADS and the u.s. army at the same time for the adjustment of a more appropriate system PIVADS again modernize refused.

My interest in the M167 was for professional reasons focused on the elements of the fire control system, and really I was already several times vytknuto, that happen to be devoted to technical dumb stuff like focal distance of the lens, processor and the like and only a little attention to the classified and militarily important information such as a dislocation of weapons, numbers of units, names of commanders, fire diameters and shades of the current kamuflážního scheme.
If you are referred to the action was present, I'd be grateful for any more detailed information about the additional optoelektronickém system.

Illustrative image that I found in my archive I have reviewed in more detail and in the header of the file is shown that was taken 24.10.2004 at 13:24 h camera Canon EOS-1D Mark II, whose owner is M. Yoshino. From the inscription on the cartridge box I am able to read only 66, which is the last two digits of the four digit numbers on the frame guns, and 6. in front of the banner..
URL : https://www.valka.cz/M167-VADS-20mm-protiletadlovy-kanon-t8663#370119 Version : 0
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