M2 (75mm tankový kanon)

Calibre: 75 mm
Barrel length: 31 calibers
Aim: +20° to -9° (M3), +25° to -12° (M4A1)
Sight: +- 15° (M3), 360° (M4A1)

Designation / Type / Impact velocity / Weight / Bursting charge / RHA penetration at 457m/30°

Shot, AP, M72 / AP-T (Breakthrough with tracer) / 588 m/s / 6.32 kg / - / 60 mm
Shell, APC, M61 / APCBC-T (Bulletproof with ballistic hood, with tracer) / 588 m/s / 6.79 kg / unknown / 60 mm
Shell, HE, M41A1 / Triple burst / unknown / 6.24 kg / 0.499 kg / ---
Shell, HE, M48 / Triple burst / unknown / unknown / 0.676 kg / ---
Projectile, Chemical, Smoke, M89 (Smoke)

The weapon was an adaptation of the famous M1897 field gun for use in a tank. Due to the expected early entry of the US into the war, a medium tank M3 was hastily developed, which was to be more or less a bridge type between the M2, armed with only a 37mm gun in the turret, and the planned M4, which was to have a 75mm gun in the turret.
The M2 cannon was armed with all versions of the M3 tank, although in the last series it was replaced by the M3 cannon of the same calibre with a longer barrel from the M4 tank.
On the other hand, the first series of M4A1 tanks were armed with the M2 cannon, due to delays in delivery of the M3 cannon, which had to have a weight welded onto the muzzle to match the weight of the longer barrel M3.


EDIT: Added sources, edited names of ammo types
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