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Machine guns


7.62 mm light machine gun Mk. 52

The development of machine guns based on the original design of the ZB 26 continued after the war. Václav Holek continued its construction during the design of a new light machine gun designed for the Czech ammunition of medium performance 7.62 x 45 mm, then referred to as Z 50. ( These ammunition served as pendants on the cords of surveillance units ). For this charge, which was developed in order to get universal ammunition for infantry weapons, had been taken into the arms of the army semiautomatic rifle, designated as model 52 machine gun with factory designation ZB 501 successfully passed tests in May 1952 and was introduced into service as "7 , 62 mm light machine gun vz. 52 “.

Machine gun

Technical description of the mechanism of operation of the machine gun.

Modern Heckler and Koch machine guns - MG4 and HK 121 MG43 / MG4

The MG43 / MG4 machine gun is a light 5.56 x 45 NATO machine gun, developed by the well-known German company Heckler and Koch as a counterpart to the G36 assault rifle and a direct competitor of the well-known Belgian rival FN Minimi / M249 SAW Ernst Vervier (who is very similar). Although the Oberndorf company started developing it before 2000, it did not present it to the public for the first time until the trade fair in London in 2001.



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