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Marian Vala

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  • Canadian War Museum

    The beginnings of the Canadian War Museum date back to 1880, when it all began as a collection of military artifacts. In 1967, the museum was moved to the old archive building on Sussex Drive. In 2001, the Canadian government announced the construction of a new building, which was inaugurated in May 2005 in honor of the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe and in honor of the 125th anniversary of the museum as such.

  • German military cemetery in Malta

    The destination of my holiday this year was the Greek island of Crete and the resort of Maleme. This concept is probably well known to anyone interested in the history of the Second World War and therefore does not need to be specified in any particular way ...

  • Svidník, Dukla pass and Death Valley

    When I wrote the first article about the German military cemetery in Malta ( Crete ), I had no idea that another post would be added soon. Together with my friends, we went to the opposite end of the republic to see the places of fighting in Dukla, as we have not had such an opportunity so far. I know that many may not have such a possibility either, so I will try to show them the reality of these places from the summer of 2005. So those who are interested can continue reading.


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