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  • Georgia - Part 1

    South Ossetia lies on the southern foothills of the Caucasus. There are 50 different ethnic groups living side by side, many of whom belong to completely different language groups. These differences exacerbate the intolerance that has existed in the region for centuries. The war in South Ossetia in the summer of 2008 was the result of long-standing political disputes and sporadic military clashes that killed dozens of people.

  • Georgia - Part 2

    Arms races

  • Georgia - Part 3

    War operations.

  • Georgia - Part 4

    Declaration of a ceasefire and a six-point peace plan.

  • People vs. Musharraf

    Overview of current events in Pakistan

  • New initiatives by the International Maritime Bureau to tackle piracy off the coast of Somalia

    Piracy: The act of endangering and subsequently occupying a vessel using force for the purpose of robbery or other crime. The act includes all possibilities of intimidation and coercion by the crew of a private vessel (aircraft) against another vessel (aircraft) in the territorial sea (airspace) or against persons and property of such vessel (aircraft) for personal gain. Applies to vessels moored in ports, on the high seas, on regular sea routes, etc. (aircraft at the airport, in the airspace).
    Article 1 of the UN Convention 1982 (On the Law of the Sea)

  • Operation Restored Freedom: Somalia 1993

    As a result of the long-term civil war, The Somali Democratic Republic is fragmented into several so-called republics, Somaliland, Puntland and general-controlled units. The country is headed by an asylum government, which was established in 2004 with the help of the United Nations.

  • Pirates of Malač streams

    Indonesia and Malaysia's efforts to eliminate the problem of piracy

  • The sinking of USS Maine

    In 1898, war broke out between the United States and Spain. The cause of the conflict was the United States' efforts to consolidate its positions in Central America and the Pacific. They wanted to push the Spaniards out of Cuba and the Philippines. In 1895, an uprising against the Spaniards broke out in Cuba. Three years later, the United States sent the battleship MAINE to Havana. On February 15, 1898, an explosion occurred in its ammunition depots for unknown reasons. MAINE also sank with 260 crew members.

  • The Spratley Islands dispute

    The conflict over the Spratley Islands in the South China Sea poses a potential threat to the region as a whole. About 44 of the 51 islands are just corals overgrown above sea level. China considers these to be part of its territory. Some islands are also occupied by Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei. The conflict is actually the result of decades of efforts to control rich deposits of minerals - mainly oil, natural gas, as well as fishing and hunting for other marine animals such as crabs, calamari and shrimp.

  • Theory and practice of military diplomacy - part 1

    Four-part work on military diplomacy. The introductory part provides a definition of terms.

  • Theory and practice of military diplomacy - part 2

    The second part deals with peaceful military diplomacy.

  • Theory and practice of military diplomacy - part 3

    Part on military diplomacy in a state of hostility and crisis.

  • Theory and practice of military diplomacy - part 4

    The last part of the series deals with the military diplomacy of Slovakia.


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