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  • Controversey of 1889

    The dispute between the US, the UK, and Germany over the Pacific islands of Samoa threatened to escalate into armed conflict.

  • Dorr's Rebellion 1842

    Dorr's uprising is named after its leader Thomas W. Dorr. Thomas W. Dorr opposed the government of Rhode Island, which administered Iceland under a charter of 1663.

  • Felix Dzierzinski

    a brief pre-revolutionary biography of the founder of the Communist secret police, the Czechs, and the creator of the Red Terror

  • Ranks of the Wehrmacht

    Rank comparison of the Army, Air Force, Navy and SS Weapons.

  • German abbreviations in documents + English and Czech equivalent

    German abbreviations in documents + English and Czech equivalent with a focus on the Luftwaffe

  • Defensive war of the USSR ? Part 1

    The best defense is in the enemy's territory - a handbook of Red Army tactics.
    Real Soviet plans to enter WWII and communist propaganda obscuring reality to this day. Controversy over the works of V. Suvorov

  • Defensive war of the USSR ? Part 2

    They prepared us perfectly for an offensive war. It is not our fault that we did not carry out the aggression.
    Major General PG Grigorenko

  • Defensive war of the USSR ? Part 3

    The Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army will be the most offensive of any army that has ever attacked.
    DRRA field regulations from 1939
    Mines are a great thing, but they are a remedy for the weak, for those who defend themselves. We do not need mines, but means of demining
    Marshal of the USSR G.I. Kulik, early June 1941

  • Defensive war of the USSR ? Part 4

    In conditions where we are surrounded by enemies, everything is dealt with by an unexpected blow from our side, an unexpected maneuver and speed. J. Stalin

  • Organization of the Kriegsmarine WWII Command

    Organization of the Kriegsmarine WWII Command

  • Red Terror

    A few sentences about the bloodbath that the Bolsheviks dragged the peoples of the Soviet Union.


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