MiG-15SB 1198

[b:9352555b87]Basic data: [/b:9352555b87]

[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Type of aircraft: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] MiG-15SB
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Serial number: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] 14 1198
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Hull designation: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] 1198 (since 1957)
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] delivery Date: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] 13.3.1954
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Period of service: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] 1954 - 1968
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Destination: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] fighter-bomber
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Engine: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] RD-45F
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Special equipment, upgrades and modifications: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] development of braking parachute 1958?, the adjustment on the variation of SB 1961-62

[b:9352555b87]Marking: [/b:9352555b87]

[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Upper surface: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] Color: aluminum painted with clear varnish. black paved paths at the roots of the wings
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Lower surface: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] Color aluminum varnished with clear varnish
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] nationality markings of the aircraft on the hull: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] three-color circular czechoslovak coat of emblem with blue trim
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] markings of the aeroplane to the upper side of the wing: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] three-color circular czechoslovak coat of emblem with blue trim
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] nationality markings of the aircraft on the bottom side of the wing: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] three-color circular czechoslovak coat of emblem with blue trim
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Special marking on the fuselage: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] –
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Special marking on the upper side of the wing: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] –
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Special marking on the underside of the wings: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] -
[row:9352555b87] [b:9352555b87] Annual and occasional coloring: [/b:9352555b87] [col:9352555b87] -

[b:9352555b87]the History of the aircraft: [/b:9352555b87]
1954-Young ?slp
1962-28. fighter-bomber regiment

[b:9352555b87]Note: [/b:9352555b87]

[b:9352555b87]Sources and literature: [/b:9352555b87]
Miroslav Irra:MiG-15.2.part
own archive.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/MiG-15SB-1198-t66030#233938 Version : 0
Československá socialistická republika (1960-1990) Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1960-1990)
Datum převzetí:
Datum vyřazení:
DD.MM.1962-DD.MM.1968 28. stíhací bombardovací letecký pluk
DD.MM.1962-DD.MM.1968 28th Fighter Bomber Air Regiment
Taktické označení:
Tactical Marking:
DD.MM.1962-DD.MM.1968 1168
Výsostné znaky:
Aircraft Insignia:
DD.MM.1962-DD.MM.1968 standardní (high visibility)
DD.MM.1962-DD.MM.1968 standard (high visibility)
Zvláštní a příležitostné označení:
Special and Occasional Marking:
Kamufláž a zbarvení:
Camouflage and Color Scheme:
DD.MM.1962-DD.MM.1968 standardní vojenská
DD.MM.1962-DD.MM.1968 standard military
DD.MM.1962-DD.MM.1968 kov, stříbrná
DD.MM.1962-DD.MM.1968 metalic, silver
- -
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Котлобовский, Александр. Миг-15, реактивный бестселлер, Aviacija и Время 2013/02.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/MiG-15SB-1198-t66030#601385 Version : 0

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MiG-15SB 1198 -

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MiG-15SB 1198 - Foto z Čáslavi přibližně z roku 1962. Vrchol směrovky asi červený.

Foto z Čáslavi přibližně z roku 1962. Vrchol směrovky asi červený.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/MiG-15SB-1198-t66030#233940 Version : 0
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