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  • "Aeronautical archeology" and legislation

    In recent years, especially with the easing of social conditions after 1989, more and more amateur enthusiasts are looking for events related to the air war over the Czech lands in 1939 - 1945. They spend a lot of their free time searching for domestic and foreign archives, interviews with witnesses. events, correspondence with similar enthusiasts from abroad or searching for information in various publications and periodicals. Part of the activities of some people interested in this issue is also uncovering and retrieving the wreckage of aircraft from the places of their accidents. However, this activity brings with it many pitfalls in the form of compliance with the laws of the Czech Republic, which violate the activities of private researchers, and the treatment of possible remains of fallen pilots. This article should present a look at this issue from official archeology and the legislation that applies to it.

  • Adolf Galland

    Biography of a Luftwaffe pilot.

  • Alois Vašátko

    Another biography of one of the many brave fighters in the ranks of the RAF.

  • American fighter aces on P-40 aircraft in the Mediterranean


  • Bell (P-400) Airacobra Mk.I

    During the strange war, the British Purchasing Commission traveled through American aircraft factories in search of suitable aircraft for the RAF. Among other things, he got to the Bell company in Buffalo, which showed the British its prototype of a high-altitude fighter with excellent flight characteristics and speeds exceeding the then magical 400 miles per hour, ie 644 km / h. The British did not let themselves be persuaded for a long time, and on April 13, 1940, an order was signed for 675 pieces of a new fighter with the designation P-400, referring to the stated speed of the aircraft.

  • Battle of Barking Creek

    The first air battle of RAF fighters in World War II.

  • Boleslaw Michal TURZANSKI

    The most successful Polish night fighter.

  • Bolesław Michal Gładych

    Boleslaw Gladych is one of Poland's leading aerial aces - he is ranked 5th with an official score of 14 certain kills, 2 probable kills and one team damage (counted as 1/2). He was credited with three more victories in the USA (10 in total in American service), but these were not recognised by the Polish Bajan Commission. All of Boleslaw Gladych's personal aircraft he flew since he started flying in the British Isles were marked with the emblem of a penguin with the signature "Pengie" (the nickname of his girlfriend, a Canadian from the WAAF). On several occasions he met the famous German fighter ace Georg-Peter Eder in the air, known for not attacking badly damaged enemy aircraft.

  • Breguet Bre.521 Bizerte

    Reconnaissance / observation aircraft.

  • CANSA FC.20ter

    The aircraft was created according to the requirements of the Italian Air Force for a powerful observation and reconnaissance machine. Although it was clear at the outset that the Ca.331 type was identified as the winner, the influential Fiat Group, which had owned the CANSA factory since 1937, pushed for government-funded financing for the development of its project.

  • Cãpitan aviator Dan Valentin Vizanty

    Biography of the most successful Romanian fighter in the fight against American four-engine bombers. He ranks fourth in the overall ranking of Romanian aces.

  • Captain Stanley Winifield Vejtasa

    American naval fighter ace from the Pacific with Czech ancestors.

  • CCF FDB-1

    The prototype first took off on December 17, 1938 and began testing. He was given the designation FDB-1, which meant that it could be used not only as a fighter but also as a dive bomber.

  • Articles on the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of Wordl War II

    Articles on the topic of the beginning of World War II, which were entered in the competitions of the valka.cz rank groups.

  • Cobber Kain - the first fighter ace of the RAF in the World War Two

    During the Second World War gained more than one thousand two hundred pilots of the RAF the status of fighter ace. Names like Malan, Bader, Johnson, Caldwell, or Deere knows about everyone who cares at least a little bit about aviation. However, only one of them has the right to boast that he was the first – Edgar James "Cobber" Kain.

  • Colonel Clarence Emil Anderson, Jr.

    Biography of the American Fighter Ace of World War II, the third most successful pilot of the famous 357th Fighter Group.

  • Commander Alexander Vraciu

    Biography of one of the most successful fighter pilots of the US Navy during World War II.

  • Dornier Do 217

    The Do 217 was a direct successor to the Do 17 bomber, which was widely used by the Luftwaffe at the beginning of the war and was known by Allied pilots as the flying pencil.

  • Edward Lister Gimbel

    Edward L. Gimbel was one of many Americans who took part in the fighting alongside the British after the outbreak of World War II, but ended his fighting journey in famous American 4th Fighter Group by being shot down over Prague.

  • Emil Fechtner

    He achieved one of the first victories among Czechoslovak pilots in the Battle of Britain, a DFC bearer, died in a collision with another machine in October 1940.

  • Evžen Čížek

    Czechoslovak army officer and military aviator. During World War II, he worked as a fighter in the Armée de l'air, where he became an ace, and later served in the Czechoslovak Royal Air Force.

  • Flight Lieutenant Arthur Norman Sames

    Biography of a successful Typhoon pilot, the only one who shot down five V-1 flying bombs on the type.

  • Flight Lieutenant Carl Raymond Davis

    Biography of the RAF fighter ace Battle of Britain, which fell in air combat.

  • Flight Lieutenant John Joseph Boyle

    This officer has given outstanding service as a flight commander in a fighter squadron. He has taken part in fighter patrols, armed reconnaissance and dive bombing missions since joining his present squadron and in the course of these operations has destroyed at least five enemy aircraft and damaged others. In addition Flight Lieutenant Boyle has destroyed many ground targets, including forty mechanical transport vehicles, three trains and six barges. He has set a fine example by his keenness and fine fighting spirit.

  • Flight Lieutenant Maurice Henry Pinches

    The most successful pilot on the Mustang in the RAF

  • Flight Lieutenant Mervyn Charles Shipard

    The most successful Australian night fighter

  • Flight Lieutenant Theodorus Franciscus Buys

    Biography of the most successful Dutch fighter in the RAF during World War II.

  • Flying Officer Arthur Maurice Owen Pring

    A biography of a night fighter who scored successfully against the Germans, Italians and Japanese.

  • Flying Officer Laurance F. M. Cronin

    A biography of an Australian fighter ace, a pilot who successfully fought over the Mediterranean and Burma.

  • Flying Officer Laurance Francis Marshall Cronin

    Australian fighter ace of World War II

  • Flying Officer Thorsteinn Elton Jonsson

    Biography of the only Icelandic fighter ace of RAF in World War II.

  • František Chábera

    This successful pilot was born on January 5, 1912 in Lansberg, Germany. After training as an electrician, he joined the Air Force and in the years 1930-1932 he graduated from the School for Professional Youth of the Air Force at VLU in Prostějov. He then served as a fighter in the 4th and 2nd Air Regiments. Here he flew on Avia Ba.33, Letov Š.20 and Š.31 and Škoda D.1 aircraft. Due to his excellent piloting skills, from 1934 until the occupation he worked as a flying pilot at the VTLÚ in Letňany.

  • General Jasuhiko Kuroe

    Biography of J. Kuroe, the most successful army fighter in Burma and defender of Japan against the B-29 air raids.

  • George Frederick Beurling

    This most successful Canadian fighter of World War II was born on December 6, 1921 in Montreal. His father was Swedish and his mother English. He wanted to fly from a young age and tried to join the RCAF, but because he did not have a high school education he was not accepted. So he took private flying lessons and after the outbreak of the Winter War he wanted to join the Finnish Air Force, but did not get permission from his parents, which he needed because he was not yet an adult ...

  • Group Captain Denys Edgar Gillam

    Group Captain Denys Gillam, who died aged 75 in 1991, scored at least seven kills as a fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain and went on to win three DSOs and two DFCs.
    Towards the end of the the Second World War he had an even more testing operational career, as RAF fighters and fighter bombers supported the Normandy landings from JUne 1944.

  • Group Captain John Ralph Alexander Peel

    He achieved his greatest success on August 8. The Germans attacked a CW9 convoy (codenamed Peewit) in several waves that day, moving around the Isle of Wight. Peel's unit faced the first wave ...

  • Group Captain John Ralph Alexander Peel

    Curriculum vitae of the RAF fighter ace, the first wing commander from Kenley, which also included the 312nd czechoslovak squadron.

  • Haakon VII.

    The Norwegian king

  • Hans Muck and the uprising of the serfs in the vicinity of Bezdružice

    Probably in the spring of 1680, a slave uprising took place on the Bezružice-Švamberk estate, which at that time belonged to the imperial chamberlain Jan Kryštof of Heissenstein. Hans Muck from Görlitz is mentioned as the main leader of the rebellion.

  • Henschel Hs 126

    Henschel Hs 126 was a high-altitude observation aircraft designed for cooperation with ground units. The designer of the aircraft was Ing. Friedrich Nicolaus, which was based on the older type Hs 122. (reworked version).

  • Hermann-Friedrich Joppien

    He was born on July 19, 1912 in Bad Hersfeld. He began his military career in October 1931 as an infantryman at the then Reichswehr. In 1935 he joined the Luftwaffe. He began as a technical officer with one of the squadrons of heavy fighters, but in the summer of 1939 he was transferred to the 1st / JG 51, which flew with powerful Messerschmitt Bf 109.

  • Hover M.F.11

    After the fall of Norway, three M.F.11 aircraft managed to fly to Finland, which incorporated them into its air force and used them for maritime reconnaissance and convoy escort. The aircraft were popular there and the last one was scrapped in 1950! About 16 were captured by the Germans and the airworthy ones were used in auxiliary services and for training.

  • Ikarus IK-2

    In 1934/35, engineers K. Sivčev and L. Ilič began working on the development of a fighter aircraft for the Yugoslav Air Force. They designed a high-altitude aircraft with an all-metal skeleton, which was covered mostly with canvas, and a fixed landing gear.

  • Italian fighter aces of World War II

    Aerial Kills in Regia Aeronautica

  • Jan Klan - John Kent

    Czechoslovak military pilot, fighter against Nazism in the ranks of the French Air Force, RAF and 1st Czechoslovak Mixed Air Division in the USSR. During the Battle of France he participated in the shooting down of five Luftwaffe aircraft for sure and another three probably. After the Communist takeover in 1948 he was placed out of service and, fearing imminent persecution, went into exile with his family, where he adopted the new name John Kent. He was a recipient of two Czechoslovak War Crosses, the Czechoslovak Medal for Valour, the Czechoslovak Medal for Merit, the SNP Order of the First Class, the French Croix de Guerre with two palms and two silver stars, the Legion of Honour and the Romanian Order of the Corona Romana.

  • Jaroslav Himr

    Brave fighter, commander of the 313rd Fighter Squadron, which fell in 1943 in air combat with the Bf 110.

  • Jindřich Beran

    The first Czechoslovak fighter that fell in air combat during World War II.

  • Jiří Maňák

    Another of our pilots at the RAF. He flew and fought, commanding the squadron of the Typhoons. He was shot down and captured, passed through the Stalag III camp, narrowly escaped death in a failed escape. He survived the war, but his homeland cursed him.

  • John Eric Boulton

    The young commander of the training squadron of the 310th Fighter Squadron, which participated in combat flights and fell in air combat.

  • John James Voll

    Biography of an American fighter pilot

  • Junkers Ju 87 Stuka and Czechoslovak fighters

    During the Second World War, they czechoslovakia fighters achieved 620 air victories, of which 395 were certain, either obtained individually or in cooperation. Among their victims we find all major Luftwaffe aircraft, including the famous Junkers Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber. Our fighters have been awarded 13 victories over this type. And this article deals with these fights.

  • Kapteeni Paavo David Pate Berg

    The Chaika has a back armour plate for the pilot so firing at them directly behind with Gladiator’s rifle-calibre guns is useless. Dogfighting them is the best chance to get a Chaika if you are good at it.

  • Ladislav Ahmed Vondrich

    After the outbreak of war, he enlisted in the Czech retinue in Warsaw and drew attention to himself during intelligence missions. Already in November 1914 he received the Medal of St. George IV degree and then between June 1915 and September 1916 all four degrees of the Cross of St. George.

  • Ladislav Světlík

    He was born on March 23, 1917 in Pilsen, where he also trained as a turner in Škoda. After work, he visited the airport of the West Bohemian Aeroclub at the Plzeň-Bory airport. As part of the event, 1,000 new pilots underwent pilot training here. In the years 1936-37, he completed military training at the School for Professional Youth Aviation at VLU in Prostějov.

  • Lieutenant Blyth Ritchie

    Biography of an FAA fighter who won his first victory at Hellcat in British colors.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Donald S. Bryan

    Biography of an American fighter ace of World War II, a pilot who won 5 victories in one flight.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Donald Septimus Bryan

    I led my swarm with a dive attack right in the middle of the enemy formation. I approached one of the Me 109 about 100 yards. For the first time, I used the K-14 sight and achieved only a few hits.

  • Lieutenant Commander Edward Henry O’Hare

    Biography of the US Navy World War II fighter ace, the rescuer of the aircraft carrier USS Lexington, holder of the Medal of Honor, a pilot who disappeared during the first night fighter mission of the US Navy.

  • Lioness of Brittany

    Jeanne de Clisson (1300–1359), also known as Jeanne de Belleville and the Lioness of Brittany, was a Breton former noblewoman who became a privateer to avenge her husband after he was executed for treason by the French king. She crossed the English Channel targeting French ships and often slaughtering their crew. It was her practice to leave at least one sailor alive to carry her message to the King of France.

  • Major (Wing Commander) Kazimierz Rutkowski

    Biography of another Polish fighter pilot, who was in combat from the beginning to the end of World War II.

  • Moose Wing Commander Robert Carl Fumerton

    The fate of the most successful fighter from the fighting over Malta, George F. Beurling, is relatively well known. The name of the most successful night fighter is no longer known. Coincidentally, he was also a Canadian - Robert Carl "Moose" Fumerton.

  • Mustangs vs. V-1

    Fighters who destroyed at least five V-1 flying missiles on the Mustang

  • Nardi FN.305

    The aircraft was designed by the Nardi brothers' factory as a sports machine of mixed construction with a retractable landing gear. The prototype was powered by a Fiat A.70S star engine with an output of 200 horsepower and had an uncovered crew compartment. The aircraft had excellent flight characteristics and performance, which was confirmed on July 17, 1937, when it set a speed record on the track of 1000 km with an output of 310.99 km / h. Already in March of the same year, he took part in a race over Egyptian oases, where he won at a speed of 322 km / h. At that time, the cabin was already covered.

  • You will not be forgetten: the search for the missing American soldiers

    The search for missing American soldiers has a long tradition. This article deals with the historical background, the methods used and the purpose of this positively evaluated activity. There are also described two cases where a missing pilot was identified.

  • The most successful New Zealand night fighter

    New Zealand flying ace of the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) during the Second World War. He is credited with the destruction of eleven enemy aircraft and two damaged. He was the highest scoring New Zealand night-fighter pilot of the war.

  • Unusual Hurricane victories of the RAF

    The article describes five battles of RAF Hurricanes with unusual enemy aircraft.

  • No. 421 Flight

    A brief history of the 421st Squadron RAF. The unit intervened at the end of the Battle of Britain and later became the 91st Squadron.

  • New field of study "Archeology of Modernity"

    Archeology of modernity - research of the 18th - 20th century based on the study of the properties of movable and immovable artifacts and interdisciplinary cooperation. Recently, there has been a discussion in the academic community about the possibility of creating a new university study field with this focus. Therefore, we would like to welcome any comments and suggestions on this issue.

  • Otto Smik

    Biography of an excellent RAF pilot, one of those who fought for our country against the Nazis. Like many others, he did not return to his country.

  • Patrick Bernard George Davies

    Biography of the commander of Flight A, 310th Fighter Squadron RAF

  • Hurricane Squadrons in the Battle of Britain

    July - November 1940

  • Five in ten minutes - F/Lt Richard J. Audet

    The legendary Spitfire fought and won throughout World War II and on all battlefields. Pilots of many nationalities fought on it, many of them became air aces. However, only one pilot on the Spitfire was able to shoot down five aircraft in one flight. The following lines deal with the fate of this man.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Shigeo Nango

    Biography of the fighter ace of the Japanese Air Force.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Ivanovich Shishkin

    A biography of a Soviet fighter ace, the first pilot of the Great Patriotic War, to whom a fighter jet was donated.

  • Lieutenant (Flight Lieutenant) Kazimierz Wünsche

    Biography of a Polish fighter ace, a pilot who was in combat from the invasion of Poland in September 1939 until victory in May 1945.

  • Against All - Locotenent Comandor Aviator Dan Valentin Vizanty

    The fate of Romania in World War II is similar to the fate of other small states at this time. After the busy end of the 1930s, it came under the influence of Germany and entered the war with the USSR alongside it. So he wanted to regain the territory lost just in favor of the attacked. After that, however, the Romanian soldiers had to take part in further campaigns, which culminated in a defeat at Stalingrad. Since 1943, their own country has been the target of attacks by the US Strategic Air Force. Subsequent failures of Germany in 1944 brought the Romanians to the side of the Allies, who then ended the war in Czechoslovakia. And Romanian fighters took part in all these victories and losses. They won over 1,200 victories and one of the most successful was Dan Valentin Vizanty.

  • The first victory of the Armée de ľ Air in World War II

    Although France and Britain declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939, and the RAF began combat operations that day, the French air force seemed unaffected by the change. The first contact of the Armée de l'Air with the Luftwaffe did not take place until five days later, and for the French the encounter did not turn out badly at all.

  • Red Letter Day 322nd Wing of the RAF

    The massacres of German and Italian airliners at the end of the African campaign are quite well known. However, similar hunts for "conveyors" took place later in the areas from which the Axis forces had to withdraw at speed. It happened during the fighting in Sicily and the most successful intervention against the air bridge took place on July 25, 1943 at the very end of the fighting.

  • Reginald Joseph Mitchell

    A biography of a British aircraft designer, creator of racing specials and the famous Spitfire fighter, who succumbed to cancer.

  • René Gaston Octave Mouchotte

    If fate only grants me a short career as a combatant, I will thank the heavens for having been able to give my life to the liberation of FRANCE. Tell my mother that I have always been very happy and grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve GOD, MY COUNTRY and THOSE I LOVE, and that, whatever happens, I will always be close to her.

    Si le destin ne m’accorde qu’une courte carrière de combattant, je remercierai le ciel d’avoir pu donner ma vie à la libération de la FRANCE. Qu’on dise à ma mère que j’ai toujours été très heureux et reconnaissant que l’occasion m’ait été donnée de servir DIEU, MON PAYS et CEUX QUE J’AIME, et que, quoi qu’il arrive, je serai toujours près d’elle.

  • Safonov Boris Feoktistovich

    He trained as a locksmith-repairman of steam locomotives at the Tula plant and became chairman of Osoaviachi there. In the winter of 1931, he joined the glider club at the Tula Aeroclub. In August 1933 he joined the Kačina Military School of Pilots. He finished training in November 1934 and was assigned to the 40th Air Brigade armed with I-15 fighters ...

  • Squadron Leader Arthur Victor Clowes

    Curriculum vitae

  • Squadron Leader Graham James Cox

    Biography of a British fighter ace, a participant in the Battle of Britain and the campaign in Africa and Italy.

  • Squadron Leader Peter Turnbull

    A biography of an Australian fighter ace, a pilot who, as one of the few, has shot down aircraft from Germany, Italy, France and Japan.

  • Squdaron Leader Henry Paul Michael

    Biography of the American fighter ace of Polish origin of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The last American to win 5 victories in the cabin of the legendary Spitfire.

  • Stanislav Plzák

    This man from Pilsen was born 13.11.1914. He gained basic pilot training in the West Bohemian aeroclub at the airport Plzen-Bory. Then volunteered for the Air Force and in the years 1932-34 he attended training at the School for professional youth air force in the VLU in Prostějov.

  • RAF fighter aces of World War II by nationality

    A table that contains the number of victories, units, type of aircraft and battlefield on which the pilots achieved their success.

  • RAF fighter aces of World War II by type of aircraft

    Table of RAF fighter aces and Commonwealth air forces according to the types of aircraft used.

  • RAF fighter aces on Mustang aircraft

    Table of victories

  • RAF fighter aces on Spitfire aircraft with Griffon engine


  • Fighter aces of the RAF, RAAF, RNZAF and FAA in the fight against Japan


  • Fighters of the RAF over Norway

    In the morning hours of April 9, 1940, German troops invaded Denmark and Norway, launching Operation Weserübung. With this move, the German command wanted to secure supplies of Swedish ore through the non-freezing Nordic ports. The weak Danish army was defeated in one day, but the Norwegians fiercely defended themselves. The French and British rushed to the aid of the invaded country. Fierce battles broke out on land, on water and in the air. And the participation of RAF fighters in this campaign is discussed in the following article.

  • RAF fighters over Norway

  • Svatopluk Janouch

    ... but before he celebrated his first air victory, he had to use a parachute himself. On March 11, 1940, together with five other fighters, he pursued the reconnaissance Do 17P, when suddenly flames erupted from the engine of his Moran ...

  • In Curtiss against the Red stars - Lt. Allto Kalevi Tervo

    The American fighter Curtiss Hawk 75A is known mainly from the French skies in the spring of 1940. In the cockpit of this elegant machine, however, a year later successfully fought other, perhaps unexpected pilots - the Finns. With their successes, they did not compete with their Western colleagues. A total of 15 of them gained the status of ace - the most successful was Allto Kalevi Tervo.

  • In the Mustang over Burma and China - Col. James John England

    The Allison-powered versions of the legendary Mustang are unfairly neglected in the history of the 1939-1945 air war. They have seen limited combat use - but have stood the test of time. The most successful American Air Force deployment occurred over Burma, with the most victories going to James J. England, who subsequently closed his wartime career in Chinese skies.

  • Václav Bergman

    Václav Bergman was a fighter of the 310th Czechoslovak Fighter Squadron of the RAF. He was one of the two Czechoslovak pilots (along with Karel Kuttelwascher) who received the British Distinguished Flying Cross twice for their services.

  • Václav Cukr

    Biography of a Czech fighter pilot, a participant of the Battles of France and Britain and the most successful czechoslovak pilot on the most advanced French fighter D.520.

  • Jerrard Jefferies-Latimer

    Biography of the British fighter ace S / Ldr Jerrard Jefferis-Latimer, a participant in the Battles of France and Britain and commander of the 310th czechoslovak fighter squadrons.

  • Air victories of RAF fighters in World War II

    An outline of the issue of recognition of air victories in the RAF during the years 1939-45 and clarification of the record of claimed victories, which the author uses in his contributions on RAF pilots and the Commonwealth Air Force.

  • Wing Commander E. J. B. Nicolson

    A biography of the only RAF fighter who was awarded the Victoria Cross.

  • Wing Commander Edward Francis John Charles

    RCAF fighter ace biography.

  • Wing Commander Erik Haabjorn

    Biography of the Norwegian fighter pilot of the RAF, which - although did not become an ace - was recognized by the commander and Wing Commander of 124th Wing of the Typhoon aircraft.

  • Wing Commander Lance C. Wade

    Biography of the most successful American fighter in the ranks of the RAF during World War II.

  • Wing Commander Mark Henry Brown

    "This officer shot down 17 enemy aircraft. As commander of the British fighter wing, which served 11 Czechoslovak pilots, he showed interest and effective understanding of Czechoslovak views. He showed great care in the training of Czechoslovak pilots and personally led them into action, especially in the fighting over northern France, in which they achieved exceptional success. "

  • Wing Commander Percival Guy Haig Newton

    The most successful RNZAF fighter in the fight against the Japanese!

  • Wing Commander Robert Carl

    The most successful Canadian night fighter

  • Ylikersantti Lars Paul Erich Hattinen

    Biography of the youngest Finnish fighter ace of World War II and the only pilot to achieve it on the wings of Mörkö-Morane.


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