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Čáslav 1952 - 2004 / Part 3

The third continuation of the history of the military airport in Čáslav is focused on the last period of service of the 28th figter-bomber aviation regiment in the period from 1984 to 1994 and finally it will also get to a short performance of LZO - Aviation Testing Department.

Čáslav 1952 - 2004 / Part 4

Further continuation of the fate of the military airport in Čáslav. This time focused on the years 1995 - 1997, when the 4th Air Force Base operated here, the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Garrison towns in the monarchy I.

Throughout the historical development of human society, cities have played important roles. Usually, in the past, cities used to be characterized as centers of crafts and production. They played a very important role, especially in the economic sphere. Economic importance increased even more in modern society as cities became centers of industry. Equally important were their roles as social or political centers of individual territories. Cities were also of great importance in connection with military issues.

Garrison towns in the monarchy II.

In modern times, the interdependence of cities and the army has developed. Cities were of strategic importance to the army not only in the area of unit accommodation, but also in the area of logistics and other areas. The importance of the interconnectedness of cities and the army is explained in the second part of the article Garrison Cities in the Monarchy. At the end of the article, the Corps areas IX.-XVI are presented.

Monuments and museums in the Králíky fortress area

Museums and monuments in the Králická fortress area have started a new tourist season. Those interested can visit these massive reinforced concrete monuments commemorating the last years of the democracy of the First Republic. And there is a lot to see around Králíky! The area around this town in the easternmost part of the Pardubice region, in the 1930s, represented the strongest fortified area of the then Czechoslovakia and one of the strongest fortified sections of the border in Europe before World War II.