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Camp Lejeune - a bit different camp

Military bases are no longer just barracks and training grounds. U.S. Marines in North Carolina could talk for hours. You can be born here, live here, go to Iraq, then return and then die here.

Fort Sumter

Every war has a cause and an excuse. The causes of the American Civil War are well known, but what was the pretext?

Open Day - USAF Base, Spangdahlem, Germany 1.7.2006

When the news appeared on our forum that there would be an open day at the American base Spandaghlem in Germany, it was clear that regardless of the upcoming wedding, it was necessary to reconsider the priorities and go to Germany :) That it was definitely worth will tell this article.

Pearl Harbor

On November 26, 1941, a battle group of six Japanese aircraft carriers and their escorts set out from Hitokappu Bay ( Kuril Islands ). There were over four hundred planes on board. The task was: to destroy all the United States fleet, which will be located on December 7, 1941, at the main American base in the Pacific in the Hawaiian Islands in the port of Pearl Harbor.