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2011 / 08

Military Revue

7, 2011, no. 8

Content numbers:
Šnajdr, Miroslav: Stalin's bombers are attacking. The first day of the winter war (4-7)
Kuthan, Paul J.: Czech volunteers in the Serbian army in the battle 1. world war (complete) (8-11)
Michl, Jan: the Spaniards on the eastern front (12-15)
Bouzek, Tomas: Aircraft carriers in the Pacific war (16-19)
Grindstone, John: Women in the war. On various fronts 2. world war fought thousands of czechoslovak women (20-22)
Šnajdr, Miroslav: Bellanca 28-70 and 28-90 (24-27)
Drtina, Emerich: Hunter, a cousin of the Sea Hawk (28-31)
Dubánek, Martin: Comparative and troop skoušky OT-64 CATTLE (32-34)
Drtina, Emerich: the Fast BT tanks in combat (36-39)
Zajac, Ivan: Destroyer classes of the Kongo and Atago (1.) (40-43)
Kos, Peter: Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin-There (44-45)
Fencl, Jiří: INNOGUN Hybrid (46-47)
Fencl, Jiří: Rifle ZG 47 "galaška" (48-50)
Trávníček, Radim; Chromek, Luke: 3 PARA Utrinque Paratus (52)
Marek, Vladimír: Outlaws patrolují in Lógaru (54-56)
Gallery Military revue: Bystrochodnyj tank BT-7 (57).
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