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2011 / 09

Military Revue

7, 2011, no 9

Content numbers:
Brzkovský, Marek: William "Pappy" Dunn - the first american ace (4-7)
Šnajdr, Miroslav: the Shadow of the bombers over the Winter war (8-11)
Marek, Vladimír: a Soldier on several fronts. Jaroslav Selner (12-15)
Tatarov, Boris: Czech dněperská national daycare (16-19)
Short, Charles: Too bloody baron (20-23)
Drtina, Emerich: Hunter-the first generation (24-27)
Šnajdr, Miroslav: Junkers Ju 86D-1 (28-32)
Drtina, Emerich: Rapier-kit for everyone (32-35)
Zajac, Ivan: Destroyer classes of the Kongo and Atago. Anti-ballistic missile system (2. part) (36-39)
Dubánek, Martin: The Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'brien (40-41)
Fencl, Jiří: the New velkorážová sniper DSR 50 (42-44)
Merry, Martin: AASM (46-49)
Blahuš, Peter: frogmen, combat divers and underwater engineers with the Czech flag on the shoulders (50-52)
Zajac, Ivan: the Teachers with the finger on the trigger (54-55)
Gallery Military revue: Congo (57).
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