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2015 / 09

Military revue

11, 2015, 9

Content numbers:

Dolina, Miroslav: one Hundred heroines and the other. In the Red army during the second world war to serve with weapons in the hands of hundreds of thousands of women (4-7)
Adamenko, Mikhail: the Warriors without legs (1. part) (8-11)
Dolina, Miroslav: With silk above my head (12-14)
Drtina, Emerich: Mi-28: drawn-out attempt at attack helicopter (16-19)
Kuthan, Paul J.: The falcons in the battles of the second world war (20-23)
Fun, Richard: Yuri Levitan: His voice known to millions (24-25)
Šnajdr, Miroslav: Taxis for the fighters (26-29)
Drtina, Emerich: Sturmtiger: Ship's armament on the strip(30-32)
Polanský, Karel: HMS Furious (34-35)
Šnajdr, Miroslav: Potez 540 and 542 (2. part) (36-38)
Zajac, Ivan: Godavari and Brahmaputra (40-43)
Lottie, Bohumír; AS Österreich; IGL Deutschland: Aircraft Hansa Brandenburg C.And series 26 in Czechoslovakia (44-46)
Fencl, Jiří: the Phenomenon of Grand Power (47-49).
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