2021 / 01-02

Military revue
17, 2021, No. 1-2

Contents of the issue:

Brzkovský, Marek: Mario Visintini: Ace z kabiny dvouplošníku (4-7)
Šnajdr, Miroslav: Sweepy nad Lae (8-11)
Dubánek, Martin: Katastrofa úkrytového oddělení ÚP-82 (completion) (12-14)
Michl, Jan: Krakow Fighters (16-19)
Adamenko, Michail: Air Accidents and Bombers Disasters M-4 (1. část) (20-23)
Dolina, Miroslav: The Strange Death of Partisan Commanders (24-26)
Švanda, Richard: ALSOS Unit: The Search for the Atomic Bomb in Germany (28-31)
Šnajdr, Miroslav: North American O-47 (Part 1) (32-34)
ICE: K9 Thunder: Korean Success (36-39)
Zajac, Ivan: raketové čluny triedi Sassnitz a Orkan (40-43)
Fencl, Jiří: Assault Rifle Armalite AR-10 (44-47)
Litoš, Petr: Peabody: A Great Rifle to Discomfort (48-49)
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