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  • 8,8 cm Pak 43/1 auf GW III/IV

    88 mm ShPTK vz.43N were designed as an accompanying means of fire tanks, self-propelled guns and mechanized units in offensive combat. They were to be used to destroy enemy tanks, self-propelled guns and anti-tank artillery at long distances. In defense, they were to be used to strengthen the anti-tank defense of mechanized, rifle and, exceptionally, tank units and units.

  • The modernisation of T-54A tank

    The issue of modernization of the T-54A tank was addressed for the first time on the ideological level at a meeting of the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Czechoslovak People's Republic for material affairs in the spring of 1964.

  • MOV (mechanical mine remover)

    Mechanical deminer - MOV is designed for the establishment of track crossings in the minefields of the enemy. It can only be used in loose, digging and easily excavated rocks. It cannot be used in rocks of higher mining classes and where there are stones larger than 160 mm in the soil, stumps, shrubs and vegetation.

  • OT-62 TOPAS

    The impetus for the development of the OT-62 was given by the commander of the tank and mechanized troops, which in the spring of 1956 submitted to the Technical board of General Staff the preliminary technical - tactical requirements for medium-track, floating transporter weighing 12 tons to transport mechanized infantry.

  • OT-810

    The armored personnel carrier OT-810 is a half-track combat vehicle designed for combat and team transport (max. 12 people) with equipment and armament or the transport of cargo weighing up to 1400 kg. In addition, it can tow trailers up to a total maximum weight of 3 t.

  • PP-Mi-Na

    The PP Mi-Na 1 anti-personnel landmine is designed to mine the terrain against the enemy's manpower and wheeled vehicles. The mine is designed mainly for fast surface mechanized laying from vehicles and helicopters.

  • Bazooka T21

    Tarasnica 21 is a simple, very mobile light weapon without recoil, designed to destroy tanks and armored vehicles.

  • vz. 44 (85-mm anti-aircraft gun)

    85 mm PL cannon vz.44 was a worthy successor to the 85 mm PL cannon vz. 1939, which formed the main core of Soviet AA artillery during the World War 2 and proved very successful.

  • vz. 53 (30 mm PLDvK)

    Organizationally, PLDvK vz. 53 incorporated into the armament of anti-aircraft units of infantry, rifle, mechanized and tank regiments. In the years 1956 - 1960, it formed the basis of anti-aircraft defense of airports and firing positions of large-caliber artillery.


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