BB - Montana

Montana class
Montana Montana class
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Montana class
bitevní loď Battleship
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Přehled vyrobených plavidel:
Summary of Built Boats:
USS Montana (BB-67)
USS Ohio (BB-68)
USS Maine (BB-69)
USS New Hampshire (BB-70)
USS Louisiana (BB-71)
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stavba všech lodí zrušena All cancelled

upravil: FiBe (26-JUL-2016)
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The construction of the battleship class Montana was approved by the 19. July 1940. In April 1942 it was approved by their form. Completed should be in the second half of the year 1945. Namořnictvo ships ordered in may 1942, but their construction was delayed because the building material was preferentially allocated to the construction of the aircraft carrier class Essex and battleships class Iowa. Aircraft carrier class Essex were important for maintaining air superiority in the Pacific. And the battleship class Iowa might unlike the vessels of the class Montana fly at the same speed as these aircraft carriers. After the battle of Midway was the construction of ships of this class permanently cancelled.

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