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Monuments and museums in the Králíky fortress area

Museums and monuments in the Králická fortress area have started a new tourist season. Those interested can visit these massive reinforced concrete monuments commemorating the last years of the democracy of the First Republic. And there is a lot to see around Králíky! The area around this town in the easternmost part of the Pardubice region, in the 1930s, represented the strongest fortified area of the then Czechoslovakia and one of the strongest fortified sections of the border in Europe before World War II.

Stolen train

or to whom has the train been stolen so far?

In recent days, thumbnails have appeared in some media: "Did they steal the anti-aircraft train ?!" How? We will try to shed light on this in the following lines, everything is "a little" different.



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Russia-Ukraine conflict

Russia-Ukraine conflict. Updated continuously.

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