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Nan-čchang Y-5 [kód NATO: Colt]

Nanchang Y-5 - přehled verzí

Nan-chang Y-5 - track version[/heading:aaaaaa]
Y-5 - license variant of anton's An-2T, light multipurpose transport aircraft; sometimes referred to under the designation of Y-5N; production in Nan-čchangu since 1957, several hundred pieces, probably built from 1970 in Shi-jia-zhang
Y-5 II - originally, Feng-zhou 2 (Fongshou-2), agricultural modification for dusting, the analogue of An-2SCh/An-2R; 229? pcs in the Nan-čchangu, an unknown number of in the Shi-jia-zhang
Y-5A - transport variant for 11 passengers, the equivalent of An-2P; 114 pcs in Nan-čchangu
Y-5K - parlor variant for 5-7 passengers; an unknown number, from 1 for the Ho Chi-min and 2 for the nepalese king Biredru
Y-5D - a variant for the training of navigators for the H-5 and H-6; 116 pcs in Nan-čchangu
Y-5C - a variant with two floats similar to the An-2/An-2M; according to some sources, the designation in the 90's. the years used for the different version, drop a variant of the Y-5B; 11 pcs in Nan-čchangu
Y-5B - transport variant, upgrading engines, ASz-62IR the Polish of production and the new avionics, some of the machines with three small winglets on each wing; 229? pcs in Shi-jia-zhang, it is not known whether including subversion
- Y-5B-100 - trade designations for machines with winglets
- Y-5B(T) - a variant for the 10 paratroopers
- Y-5B(K) - perhaps the designation for the "tour" option
- Y-5B(D) - perhaps the designation for the agro variant

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