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Napoleonic Wars [1803-1815]


Armies from Waterloo

The French army in 1815 was probably the most French Napoleonic army since the first campaigns of the Republic. While in previous campaigns an integral part of the Grande Armée were various auxiliary divisions and contingents of allies and subjugated countries, this time Napoleon's army was purely French.

Krakusi Grand Duchy of Warsaw, 1812–1815

The term "krakus" is first encountered during the period of the Principality of Warsaw in 1812. It was a novelty in the Polish army, reminiscent of the legacy of Kościuszko's peasant soldiers from the end of the 18th century. The improvised light ride on durable peasant horses was best suited for raids and diverse incursions into the enemy's rear.

Napoleon's horses

A brief overview of Emperor Napoleon's horses.

Naval warfare in the days of Admiral Nelson

Admiral Nelson joined the Navy in the second half of the 18th century. The article approaches the issue of maritime strategy and tactics, a description of the division of ship classes and ship equipment and does not neglect the life of ordinary sailors in that era.

The Fighting Temeraire

The painting that was voted Britain's most popular painting in England. A painting by Joseph Mallord William Turner. What is so interesting about it and what makes it special? What or who is Temeraire? And why it appears here, on a server that is not dedicated to art, but, as the name suggests, war, battlefields, soldiers, weapons and related things. This article can answer all this.

Why was Napoleon defeated?

The causes of the defeat of the best strategist and the tactics of his time, whose war genius was not tainted by defeat.





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