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2009 / 04

Naše Vojsko

Our Troops
5, 2009, no. 4

Content numbers:
Marek, Vladimír: the Warriors of the icy depths (6-8)
Marek, Vladimír: Men with laser pointer (10-12)
Dolina, Miroslav: the Soldiers of the right (14-16)
Fidlerová, Miroslav: Hunter of the death of Jiří Komorous (18-19)
Koller, Martin: the Iraqi reality (20-25)
Panchartek, Radek: How is pushing Phantom II (26-31)
Panchartek, Radek: Lightning in the sky: the Beginning of the serial production (11. part) (32-33)
Fencl, Jiří: The Carbine M4. Weapon special units (34-37)
Zajac, Ivan: Operation Earnest Will: Until the tragic end of (3. part) (38-41)
Dubánek, Martin: the Fall of the fortress of Tsingtau (1. part) (42-45)
Grindstone, Jan: the Crush at the head of the cosmic championship (46-47)
Marek, Vladimír: the Forgotten dragounská glory (48-50)
Cone, Miroslav: Objective: plzeňská zbrojovka Damage (52-54)
Book news (55)
The gallery of the magazine OUR ARMY: the IS Joshan (57).
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