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2009 / 07

Naše Vojsko

Our Troops
5, 2009, no. 7

Content numbers:
Marek, Vladimír: a Rhino with wings (6-8)
Marek, Vladimír: Contribute to the happy return (10-12)
Dolina, Miroslav: Science as a witness (14-16)
To.T.: Protect your eyes! (18-20)
Koller, Martin: NORFORCE (22-23)
Koller, Martin: the Czechoslovak light tank LT vz.35 (24-27)
Koller, Martin: the Air museum Quatro Viento (28-29)
Panchartek, Radek: SPAD VII vs. Albatros D.III. When he still lived gentlemen ... (30-35)
Panchartek, Radek: the First tanks of the First war (3. part) (36-38)
Zajac, Ivan: best seller on behalf of the EXOCET. Meet the new time (3. part) (40-43)
Fencl, Jiří: Ing. František Girls (complete) (44-47)
Dubánek, Martin: Fort Eustis. Museum of military transport (48-49)
Michl, Jan: the First aerial victory in history (50-51)
Cone, Miroslav: the Major, who did not exist. How fictitious courier deceived Hitler and saved thousands of lives (52-54)
The gallery of the magazine OUR ARMY: Albatros D.III (57).
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