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2007 / 01

Naše vojsko

3, 2007, no 1

Table of contents:

Marek, Vladimir: In the neighbourhood of the robber band (6-8)
Marek, Vladimír: the Anvil on the Taliban (10-13)
Ultimate, Wrocław: Wonderful dog muzzles (14-15)
Drtina, Emerich: the European space research and the Czech republic (2. part) (16-18)
Koller, Martin: AXIS (the completion of the last numbers) (19)
Koller, Martin: Centurion (20-22)
Koller, Martin: Dragunov (the completion of the last numbers) (23)
Koller, Martin: C-17 Globemaster III (24-25)
Koller, Martin: Thales-Transfield ADI Bushmaster (2. part) (26-27)
Panchartek, Radek: Sea Harrier FRS.1 vs. Mirage III. Speed is not everything (28-29)
Panchartek, Radek: Missile shield of the soviet army KUB (1. part) (30-33)
Dubánek, Martin: the Battalion of armored trains. Čs. armored trains after 2. world war ii (34-36)
Tuma, Petr: Colt M1911 and its clones (38-41)
Ultimate, Wrocław: the Warsaw military museum (42-43)
Brooch, George: a Journey to the heights of power and the fall of the Rudolf House (44-47)
Cone, Miroslav: Wernher von Braun in may 1945: "this Time I want to be on the winning side" (48-50).
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