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Hello, my grandfather got his hands on this badge which we are unable to identify using the internet. The inscription on the badge reads "In unity strength" and at the bottom it reads "SVATOPLUK". In the upper part of the Slovak emblem. As my grandfather is a badge collector himself, but of Sokol badges, he would need to know something about the badge (where from, when, for what purpose) and roughly its price/rarity. Thank you.
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I think that this badge could be related to Svatopluk's Guards.Svatopluk's Guards was the name of the strike force of the Flag organization. The Vlajka was a Czechoslovak nationalist movement sympathetic to Italian fascism (the predecessor of the Vlajka was the Fascist Student Association). During the Protectorate, this organization became a collaborationist organization. The commander-in-chief of the Svatopluk Guards was Jan Rys-Rozsévač. The model for the Svatopluk Guards was the German SA. The organizational structure was planned from a squad to a division, the basic unit was a company - 169 men. A total of 16 marching regiments were to be established throughout the Protectorate. The Patriarchal or also the Cyril and Methodius double-armed cross was brought to Slovakia by Cyril and Constantine (Methodius). Slovakia was then part of the Great Moravian Empire (by the way, thanks to Svatopluk, this cross was also brought to Lorraine, where it was later modified so that both arms were the same length and this cross is called the Lorraine Cross). The fact that the name Svatopluk is written in Czech (Svätopluk in Slovak) leads me to believe that it is an SG badge.

Greetings Fidelius
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