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2012 / 03


20, 2012, No. 3

Issue content:
Milan, Lukáš: The self-interest of some was stronger than the will to help. Interview with Secretary of State Robert Ondrejcsak (6-7)
Milan, Lukáš: Vojenskí psovodi - praktikí sexisti. Afghan Notebook (8-9)
Milan, Lukáš: What Special Forces Do in Afghanistan. Afghan Notebook (10)
Nicolini, Mário: New priorities for US defense (12-13)
Žiak, Jozef: Airport with an area of 46 football fields. Winter maintenance on Sliač (14-15)
Vitko, Pavol: Prestigious international course expands activities. International course for staff officers in Liptovský Mikuláš (17)
Vitko, Pavol: World Level by Dukla (18)
Dolinay, Ján: Our air guns and our neighbors. Part 1 (20-23)
Vitko, Pavol: Armament according to the Chiefs of General Staff (24-25)
Mihalik, Miroslav: Dana z Trencin. 152mm self-propelled cannon howitzer vz.77 (26)
Čaplovič, Miloslav: Equestrian Major Juraj Bílej (27)
Kacvinsky, Miroslav: Rafale to India (28-29)
Žiak, Jozef: Every day is different. Martin Mankovic (33)
Žiak, Jozef: The first priest goes to work. Vlasta Kovalova (34-35)
Capáková, Danka: ... finding the interests of NATO countries is not easy to find. Interview with Jaroslav Naď, Head of the Defense Section at the Permanent Delegation of the Slovak Republic to NATO (38-39)
Garaj, Peter: (41)
Švrlo, Peter: Libya and NATO Special Operations (42-43)
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