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Bachem Ba-349 Natter

As the situation of the Luftwaffe in the last months of the war was very desperate, it is no wonder that it constantly supported all sorts of projects which it was convinced could change the course of the war. Undoubtedly, these projects also include Bach's Ba-349 Natter (which translates as Viper), which won the tender over Messerschmitt, Junkers and Heinkel.

Tactics of Luftwaffe combat against night bombing raids

The first raid of 99 RAF aircraft on the Ruhr took place on the night of May 16, 1940, and after the end of the "Battle of Britain", Germany became a very frequent target of night raids by British bombers. Initially completely unprepared, the Luftwaffe could only offer its fighters black aircraft paint and flame arresters for engine exhausts. It was not until September 1940 that AEG's "Spanner" infrared detectors began to be mounted on the bows of Bf 110 C and D fighters. They were able to capture the thermal radiation of the exhausts of the bomber engines at a distance of about 300 m and display them on a small screen in front of the pilot - the so-called "Q-Rohr" ...

The Horten Brothers - Part 1

Brothers Walter and Reimar Horten were among the most interesting aviation figures from the time of the Great German Empire. They combined a dose of unadulterated aviation enthusiasm with a rare ability to use to their advantage the specifics of their country's administrative apparatus. Nazi Germany is rightly blamed for the rampant bureaucracy and almost Byzantine ties within the regime, based on a complex web of protectionism and group interests (just to recall the informal "brotherhood" formed by former veterans of the Condor Legion in the early years of the Luftwaffe war). However, this climate helped the Hortens outside the established airlines during their wars in their work. Walter, who maintained good relations at the Reich Ministry of Aviation (RLM) and also with the chief armourer of the Air Force, Ernst Udet (his secretary, Miss von der Groeben, later married in 1943), was a valuable contribution here. Reimar, as a talented self-taught designer, in the pair represented the creative spirit behind the technical solutions of aircraft of a specific concept, which both brothers literally subscribed to the soul - the self-wings.

The Horten Brothers - Part 2

While Oblt. Walter Horten served in 1940 as a technical officer in the ranks of the fighter group I./JG 26 and the eldest sibling Oblt. Wolfram Horten died on May 21 during a Western campaign as a member of the bombing group I./KGr. 126, the youngest Reimar worked in a deep background.





HFB 320


Sack AS 6




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