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British War Office specifications and requirements were identified in a simple way : the letter A was given at the beginning, followed by the serial number of the specification, the next letter E indicated the sub-variant, after which the next digit or letter indicated the next variation of the variant. Some tanks - by no means all - were then given their "fighting" name.

A1 (A1E1) "Independent"

A2E1 Medium Tank Vickers Mk.I 1924

A2E2 Vickers Mk.I CS 1924

A3E1 3-man Tank ROF 1925

A4 Vickers "Carden-Loyd" light tank 1929

A4E13-18 Carden-Loyd Mk.II variants 1929

A4E19-20 Carden-Loyd Mk.IV variants 1929

A5 Vickers "Carden-Loyd" 3-man light tank. One prototype.

A6E1, E2, E3 Experimental 16 ton Tank 1928

A7E1, E2, E3 Experimental Medium Tank ROF Woolwich

A8 (A8E1) Experimental Vickers medium tank 1934-1937

A9 (A9E1) Cruiser Tank Mk.I 1935

A10 (A10E1, E2, E3) Cruiser Tank Mk.II "Valentine"

A11 (A11E1) "Matilda" Infantry Tank Mk.I 1936 - 1940

A12 (A12E1, E2, E3) "Matilda" Infantry Tank Mk.II 1938 - 1939

A13 Mk.I Cruiser Tank Mk.III 1937

A13 Mk.II Cruiser Tank Mk.IV 1937

A13 Mk.III Cruiser Tank "Covenanter" 1937

A14 Modified GS Heavy Cruiser Tank

A15 Cruiser Tank Mk.VI "Crusader" 1938 - 1940

A16 Heavy Cruiser A13 1938. One prototype

A17 Light Tank Mk.VII "Tetrarch" 1939

A18 Cruiser Tank based on A17 1939

A19 Projected Cruiser Twin-turret Tank 1939

A20 Shelled Area Infantry Tank. Two prototypes.

A21 Projected development of A20

A22 Infantry Tank Mk.IV "Churchill"

A22F "Churchill" VII

A23 Projected light Churchill A22

A24 Cruiser Tank Mk.VII "Cavalier" 1941

A25 Light Tank "Harry Hopkins" Mk.VIII 1941

A26 Projected light version A22

A27L "Centaur"

A27M "Cromwell"

A28 "Cromwell version"

A29 "Rolls-Royce" Cruiser projected tank with 17pdr gun

A30 1) "Challenger", 2) "Avenger" Self Propelled gun

A31 Projected Heavy Cromwell

A32 Rolls-Royce project based on Cromwell

A33 "Excelsior" project

A34 "Comet" 1942 - 1944

A35 Cromwell Heavy project

A36 A30 project with 17pdr gun

A37 Heavier A33 version project

A38 Infantry Tank "Valiant"

A39 Heavy Assault Tank "Tortoise"

A40 Heavier A30 version project

A41 "Centurion" Mk.I 1945"

A42 "Churchill" Mk.VII redesigned

A43 Infantry Tank "Black Prince" or "Super Churchill"

A44 Projected Comet with larger turret, cancelled

A45 Centurion project for evaluation, completed 1946
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Pokud mohu doplnit tak písmena L a M v označení : A27L "Centaur"

A27M "Cromwell" znamenají použitý motor - L Liberty a M RR Meteor oba původně letecké.
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