>> Označovanie talianských tankov počas II. svetovej vojny

From 13.06.1940 Italian tanks were divided into three categories according to weight, the letter denoted by the category was followed by two data- the weight of the tank in metric tons and the year of introduction into armament. From 04.08.1942 onwards the weight was not given.

L - Leggero- light tanks up to 8 metric tons i.e. (8,800 kg)

Carro Veloce C.V. 29 - licensed production of the British Vickers Carden Loyd Mk VI
L 3/33(originally Carro Veloce C.V.33)
Tanque L 3/35 (originally Carro Veloce C.V.35)
light tank L 5/21
light tank L 5/30
light tank L 6/40

M- Medio- medium tanks from 8 to 15 metric tons (i.e. 16,500 kg)

medium tank M 11/39 (Fiat-Ansaldo Carro Armato M 11/39)
medium tank M 13/40(Fiat-Ansaldo Carro Armato M 13/40)
medium tank M 14/41 (Fiat-Ansaldo Carro Armato M 14/41)
medium tank M 15/42 (Fiat-Ansaldo Carro Armato M 15/42)

P- Pesante- heavy tanks over 15 metric tons

heavy tank P 26/40 (Fiat-Ansaldo Carro Armato P 26/40)
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