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Heinz Pannwitz - Investigator of the assassination of Heydrich

Heinz Pannwitz's Criminal Councilor is known to those interested in history primarily as the head of the Special Commission of Inquiry after the assassination of Heydrich. Less well known is his work in France, where as head of a special commission he tried to expose the activities of the Soviet spy network - the Red Band. As a forensic scientist, Pannwitz preferred psychological coercion to brutal Gestapo methods. During his work in the Protectorate and in France, he tried to misuse the arrested resistance fighters for intelligence games with London and later with Moscow. There is uncertainty about his alleged cooperation with Soviet military intelligence - GRU.

The great wizard of technology

On the one hand, the design of the famous VW "Beetle", which with 22 million units produced became the absolute most successful vehicle in the history of car, on the other hand, a dedicated Hitler armorer who designed one of the most difficult versions of the heaviest tank "Königstiger" and "Elephant", nicknamed "Ferdinand" in honor of the creator - this is not only the technical but also the human scope of the story of this great wizard of technology, which thus agrees with the Faustian fate of another German, Wernher von Braun.




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