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George Smith Patton

A biography of the legendary American general and pioneer in the use of tanks, who participated in the liberation of Europe and together with his famous 3rd Army reached the territory of Czechoslovakia.

Olympian George S. Patton

General George Smith Patton Jr. is definitely not an unknown person in our country. The commander of the US 3rd Army, the liberator of western Bohemia and Pilsen, became famous as a tough, energetic soldier who was born for offensive operations. As a young man, he served under General Pershing - taking part in his Mexican campaign against the rebels led by Pancho Villa. During World War I, he became one of the first members and later commander of the newly established tank units. He then promoted the tanks as an offensive strike weapon for the rest of his life. The image of this excellent shooter was formed by two revolvers Colt .45 and Smith & Wesson .375 Magnum, both lined with ivory.