SOV - 23 mm 9A418 PRL (kanónová protiradiolokační rušící střela)

23 mm 9A418 PRL

A brief history and description of the
The soviet company Pribor developed in 1962 at the request of the Headquarters of the air force, artillery ammunition container for air guns AM-23 and GSH-23. Container missile bore dipolové reflector radiolokačního signal DOS-15, which were made of electroplated fiberglass. The ammunition was intended for passive protection of heavy bombers. 1.4 to 1.8 sec flight missiles were dipoles vymeteny from the container. The higher the protective effect should be achieved přehradnou fire about 50 to 100 strikes.

Basic data
- name: protiradarové ammunition (противорадиолокационный патрон)
- abbreviation: PRL AM-23 (ofПРЛ-АМ-23)
- the index of the air force: 9А418
- a charge is not separated triangles on the, caliber: 23x114 mm
- the total length of the hub: 198 mm
- the weight of the ammo: 0,332 kg
- the weight of the container missiles: undetected by (an estimate of about 180 g)
- muzzle velocity: undetected by the

- Dipole reflector of radio signals, type: DOS-15 (ofДОС-15)
- the number borne dipólů: nezjištěn
- the length of the dipole: 15 mm
- the diameter of the dipole: 0.03 mm (30 microns)

The photo is taken from below source.

F. Miropol'skij and the team: Aviacionnyje srjedstva poražjenija, Vojenizdat, Moscow 1995, ISBN does not

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SOV - 23 mm 9A418 PRL (kanónová  protiradiolokační  rušící  střela) - PRL AM-23 (9A418)

PRL AM-23 (9A418)
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AM-CAPTURED-23 - there protirádiolokačná rušiaca strela caliber 23 mm.

Has anyone would viac informácií?

There was an instrument There protiradiolokační jamming missile . Instructions for use of the aircraft type MiG-21 (evid. zn. Years-24-20), issued in 1974, in 2007, bol this predepis in OS SR cancelled...

P.With:: is it munícia into the air kanóna, but zatiaľ msm couldn't nájsť right sekciu.....
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