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PZL M28 Bryza / Skytruck

PZL An-28 - přehled verzí

PZL An-28 / M28 Skytruck / M28B Bryza - track version[/heading:aaaaaa]

An-14M - a light transport aircraft for short routes, a variant of the An-14 with a new fuselage and turboprop engines TVD-850 and retractable landing gear; 2 pcs, renamed the An-28
An-28 - serial variant of the An-14M, fixed landing gear, engines TVD-10B; 1 pc prototype race.To. Antonova, 205 ks WSK PZL-Mielec
An-28A - two machines modified for operation in arctic conditions
An-28TD Bryza 1TD - military transport and assault versions; 2 prototypes, renamed the M28B
An-28B2 Bryza 2RF - project variants for electronic warfare, completed for the Polish naval air force as a parlor
An-28PT Piryt - the original unofficial designation for the M28 Skytruck

M28 Skytruck - civil and export variant of the An-28 engines PT6A-65B, prototypes; 4 conversion of the An-28
M28-02 Skytruck - initial light transport and the transport variant, the additional cargo pouch under the fuselage; 16 pieces
M28-03/04 Skytruck Plus - project variants with the longer fuselage of constant width, allowing to carry three LD3 containers or 30 passengers; 1 pcs for static tests
M28-05 Skytruck - higher load capacity, auxiliary tanks in the wings, new avionics; 14 pcs
M28-05PI Skytruck - adjustment for indonesia's police; 4 pcs
M28MPW Skytruck - patrol variant for the vietnamese air force; 2 pcs
M28-05 ALPHA - perhaps a corporate designation for the C-145A
M28TI Skytruck - a variant for indonesia's police; 4 pcs

M28B Bryza - renamed An-28TD, transport and landing variant for the Polish air force, the engines of the TWD-10B/PZL-10S
M28B Bryza 1E - otherwise An-28E, arrangements for the monitoring of maritime traffic and pollution, radar Ericsson MSS-5000, 2 conversion of the An-28
M28B Bryza 1R - maritime patrol and rescue, radar the ARS-400; 7 conversion of the An-28
M28B Bryza Bis - also Bryza 1R Bis maritime patrol variant, the retractable landing gear, AN/AQQ-22 Star Safire II, SRM-800; 1 conversion planned conversion Bryz 1R
M28B Bryza 1TD - the transport and assault versions for the Polish navy, 2 conversion of the An-28
M28B Bryza TD - the transport and landing version for the Polish air force with the Polish avionics; 4 pcs
M28B Bryza TD II - the second series with the possibility to use night-vision goggles; 2 pcs
M28B Bryza TD III - the third of the series, as the TD II; 2 pcs
M28B Bryza TD IV - the fourth series, as TD II, wing-like M28-05; 2 pcs
M28B/PT Bryza - marking of the Polish air force for M28TI and C-145A, engines PT6A; perhaps 13 pcs

C-145A - a light transport and trainer M28-05 Skytruck for the USAF; 16 pieces

Due to frequent reconstruction (plus, it is M28/M28B still firm offered) it is hard to determine exact numbers, but it was probably built 210 An-28, of which three Antonov, 58 M28 Skytruck and 10 M28B Bryza.

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