Pálffy zu Erdöd, Nikolaus VI.

Feldmarschall Nikolaus VI. Graf Pálffy zu Erdöd
Field Marshal Nicholas VI Count Pálffy of Erdöd

He was born in 1657, the son of Nicholas Pálffy and Eleonora Harrach, a member of a well-known Bohemian feudal family. He was educated at Jesuit schools in Trnava and Bratislava and completed his studies at the University of Vienna. When his father died in 1679, the family moved to Vienna, not only because Emperor Leopold had appointed his mother as tutor to his children, but also because Thoekoely's Kuroks had occupied Červený Kamen, the Pálffy family seat, and ravaged their property. The young Mikuláš Pálffy initially chose a military career. He fought against the Turks and the Thoekoels at Vienna, Parkan and Esztergom, of which he became commander in 1687. He later formed his own regiment and marched into battle in 1688. In 1690, at the age of 33, he became a general, and in 1692 he became a sub-marshal and military commander of Košice. In 1693 he fought at Belgrade, but his military career ended there. He suffered such a severe wound to his legs that he could hardly move. He returned to the family estates and was elected the chief mayor of the Bratislava stool. The Emperor appointed him a Privy Councillor in 1700, Guardian of the Hungarian Crown in 1701 and Marshal in 1707. The next step in his career was his appointment as commander of the Emperor's personal guard, and in 1711 as chief conjurer to Queen Dowager Eleonora.
He died in Bratislava on 20.2.1732.


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Pálffy zu Erdöd, Nikolaus VI. - Erb rodu Pálffy ab Erdöd

Erb rodu Pálffy ab Erdöd
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